JCB Compact track loaders

Just step inside the JCB compact track loader’s unique side door to see what sets it apart. A bigger cab, a clearer view, greater control and safer entry and exit - all on top of maximum durability, productivity and power. A compact track loader that’s comfortably better in so many ways.

Every model delivers maximum power and performance, alongside greater strength and safety than you’d get from a conventional twin-arm machine. It’s everything you need from a compact track loader.

CTL 215T (3x2)

The 270T Compact Track Loader

With its wide-opening side door, unique Hi-Viz PowerBoom and 60% better visibility than a conventional twin arm machine, the 270T is renowned as the world’s safest skid steer. This enhanced view makes tasks, like loading a truck or changing attachments, simpler and faster than ever before. Alongside this added protection, it brings new levels of strength and durability thanks to its low centre of gravity – guaranteeing stable operation even when loading on an incline. If your project involves demolition, breaker work or the use of rock saws, then these track loaders are the most flexible, productive and multi-purpose choice.

What makes a better compact track loader?

JCB compact products outperform the competition where it matters most. 

Comfortably better safety
By adapting the technology from our world-leading telescopic handlers, we’ve given JCB compact track loaders the exclusive advantage of side entrance door. No clambering over large, dangerous attachments just to get in the cab – just a safe, productive and common-sense design.

Comfortably better visibility
With a 270-degree view from the cab, our track loaders offer 60% more visibility than an ordinary model. This is thanks to features including laminated protective glass instead of steel mesh, no rear torque tube and a half door on canopy versions – all adding up to a safer, unobstructed drive.

Comfortably better inside the cab
A comfortable operator is a productive operator, so we’ve given you the space to get the job done. Large platform tracked loaders boast an average of 33% more cab space leaving room for storage. On top of this space, all models boast an industry low noise level of 76dB(A). This peace and quiet allows operators to concentrate on the task in hand – and enjoy all the channels on the built-in Bluetooth radio.

Comfortably better flexibility
JCB compact tracked loaders are truly multipurpose machines. 31 different attachments are available for these models including breakers, buckets and blades – keeping you in operation all year round. Then thanks to the   wide rubber tracks (400mm as standard and 450mm available on the 270T) and lower centre of gravity, you’ll stay stable in the harshest conditions and steepest inclines. It’s versatility to maximise your productivity.

Comfortably better with no compromise on performance
We’ve taken our heritage in telescopic handlers and applied it to the compact tracked loader, creating a machine with real power. The single Powerboom contains 20% more steel for extra strength and vertical lift for maximum reach at height. And the power is enhanced even further with the cost-effective, low RPM diesel engine.

Compact track loaders: the vital statistics

Take a look at the specification for comparison on all our compact track loaders for sale.

Model 270T
SAE operating weight (no counterweight) (kg) 4991
Loader lift capacity with bucket (kgf) 2634
Dump height (m) 2.38
Engine Power (kW) 55.2
Lift Path Vertical
Travel Speed (kph) 7.7-12.5

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