5CX Wastemaster

The JCB 5CX Wastemaster excels at saving time and money.

Moving containers, sorting material, maintaining a site – it’s all in a day’s work. And so is waste compaction. 

  • Maximum Engine Power 81kW
  • Maximum Loader Capacity 4,638kg
  • Maximum Dig Depth 6.14m


Obviously containers need moving for all sorts of reasons. We've fitted the 5CX Wastemaster with a hooklift frame or individual skip hook to help shift them effortlessly.

  • Most waste machines struggle to move empty or (depending on material) laden containers; the new Wastemaster can haul it all, increasing site efficiency.
  • Moving containers around site is easy with our skip hook attachment for increased manoeuvrability.
  • Our optional Hooklift Frame with integral legs connects easily to containers so you can rearrange a site. 


The Wastemaster is designed to pick and sort incoming material with ease, and it can also move material between containers.

  • With the selector grab it is easy to pick and sort material, prior to shredding or to move material between containers.
  • The Wastemaster's integral forks, built into the standard Hydraulic Loader Quickhitch, can lift up to 4,500lbs (2,000kg) of palletised loads.
  • With the Wastemaster, it's easy to reorganise material inside containers. That means loads are maximised and everything can be put in the right place.


A clean site is a safe site. It's easy to swap between attachments like the JCB sweeper collector on the 5CX Wastemaster.

  • Material spills are a daily problem for busy civic amenity sites, the new Wastemaster is designed to help out - equip it with various loader buckets for fast, efficient collection.
  • JCB's sweeper collector attachment will save time, improve efficiency and increase safety. In short, it dramatically reduces clean-up time and ensures a tidy, safe site for the general public.


If you're responsible for more than one site, look no further than the JCB 5CX Wastemaster. Because it's road legal, it can travel between sites easily.

  • With a 4-speed transmission (complete with Torquelock), the Wastemaster can travel at up to 25mph (40km/h).
  • JCB's Smoothride System minimises bounce loadings; this means increased operator comfort, increased travel speed, reduced material spillage and reduces wear on the loader arms.
  • The Wastemaster has a specially designed all-JCB powertrain to maximise efficiency and fuel economy.


JCB Backhoe Loaders are designed around the operator for fatigue free, productive all-day working.

  • Heated air suspension seat keeps the operator comfortable, fresh and productive.
  • Standard air conditioning and a full heater system means you can adjust the cab temperature no matter what conditions are like outside.
  • The Wastemaster's standard-fit hydraulic quickhitch makes attachment changing quick, easy and safe.


With height, reach and visibility in abundance, the Wastemaster really is purpose-built for the busy civic amenity site.

  • The Wastemaster heavy duty loader arms are strong and durable, built to handle the rigours of a waste and recycling site.
  • Our optional Hooklift Loader Frame for the Wastemaster has two key uses. It incorporates the front stabiliser legs, which help provide a stable, safe work platform when the machine is raised up to compact or sort material in containers. It also allows the Wastemaster to manoeuvre and reposition containers with ease.

5CX Wastemaster

Albert Falch - Bezirksabfallverband, Braunau (Austria)

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