JCB 4CX Backhoe Loader

Every job made easy.

Roading, grading, loading, excavating it’s never been easier with the versatile 4CX construction Backhoe Loader from JCB. This master of machines takes every task in its stride to make your site more productive, powerful and adaptable.

If you’re looking for the ultimate construction Backhoe Loader, the JCB 4CX PRO is the machine you need. Top spec to deliver the highest performance in every category, its 81kW engine delivers a top speed of 40kph. Alternatively, the 4CX PLUS 72kW engine also packs plenty of power to get the job done.

Whatever model you choose, and whatever the job, you can trust the JCB 4CX Backhoe Loader – the world’s bestselling machine in its class.

4CX P995 BHL Launch Photography - embargoed until 13th Feb launch event

Roading made easy

Unlike tracked machines, the JCB 4CX can go straight from site to road to save you time and money.

  • Eliminate the cost of a transportation lorry by driving direct to site – you’ll reduce travel times by 10% and save fuel.
  • TorqueLock reduces fuel consumption by up to 25%.
  • 6-speed Autoshift transmission and TorqueLock as standard on PLUS and PRO models for safe road travel. 
  • Move quickly around site with powerful engine capabilities. 

Grading made easy

You’ll get a top performance from this Backhoe Loader – the JCB 4CX specs are outstanding across grading, pushing and levelling.

  • Level and grade 50 tonnes of stone 63% quicker than a 13-tonne excavator – using 73% less fuel. 
  • Substantial pushing performance alongside a 2.3m wide 6-in-1 shovel. 
  • Position the shovel to the optimum angle with the new Return-to-Grade feature.
  • A built-in laser grading mount allows for simple integration of a 2D laser system. 

Loading made easy

The 4CX packs a host of intuitive features inside the cab for effortless loading and complete control.

  • High capacity 1.2m3 shovel delivers extremely productive earthmoving. 
  • Change travel direction with just a flick of the new Forward-Neutral-Reverse (FNR) switch.
  • Single loader lever and F-N-R switch as standard.
  • The 6-in-1 single level control makes shovel operation simple. 
  • Avoid spillages with the Auto Smooth Ride system cushioning the loader arms. 
  • New-and-improved, wider Easy Forks make it easier to fold in and out. 
  • All wheel steer and crab steer as standard provides outstanding manoeuvrability.
  • Large 28" Michelin XMCL / Power CL tyres offer excellent traction around site.

Excavating made easy

There’s no need to worry about the JCB 4CX weight. With its incredible excavation power, its digging capabilities exceed those of an 8-tonne tracked excavator

  • Work over trenches, walls and landscaped areas with an extending dipper capable of reaching 7.1m.
  • Clear up to 190 tonnes per hour by fitting large capacity buckets of 0.48m3.
  • Hydraulically re-position the excavator with the Powerslide feature.
  • Exceptional dig depth of 5.8m. 
  • Innovative DUALDRIVE controls to reposition the machine while in use, without turning the seat.

Adaptability made easy

There’s a reason a Backhoe Loader is known as a real all-rounder – they’re versatile enough to take on a variety of different tasks.

  • A wide range of different attachments available for the loader and excavator. 
  • Use the excavator mounted breaker alongside the loader shovel to quickly break and move material without the need to changeover attachments.
  • Remove the cost of additional machines with this multifunctional equipment. 

Why choose the JCB 4CX

High output, power, versatility, roading and so much more

It digs, it compacts, it moves and it grades - but beyond everything the JCB 4CX can do, there are even more reasons this Backhoe Loader is a valuable investment for your site.

  • High output Backhoe Loader: offers a 1.2m3 loader shovel, 7.1m reach on the excavator and 5.8m dig depth.
  • Fantastic manoeuvrability: All wheel steer and crab steer as standard (4CX PRO only, 4CX all wheel steer only) provides outstanding manoeuvrability around site when loading, excavating and using attachments.
  • Safety, built in: Just like every JCB machine, the 4CX is designed to protect everyone on site. Standard safety features include check valves, alarms, rear screen protection and a keypad immobiliser. 
  • The comfort operators deserve: With best-in-class ergonomics, styling and cab facilities, JCB Backhoe Loaders are designed for fatigue-free, productive all-day working.
  • Smart Monitoring: You'll get instant access to JCB LiveLink - out innovative software system that allows for remote monitoring and management of every machine in your fleet. Log on by desktop, email or mobile to see operating data, alerts and event history information.
  • First-class customer support: Wherever you are in the world, JCB experts will be available to help make sure your JCB Backhoe Loader is performing to its full potential.

Is the JCB 4CX the right model for my site?

Engine (L) JCB 3.0 JCB 4.8
Power (kW) 55 81
72 81
Torque (Nm) 440 516
Transmission 6 Speed Autoshift
Speed (kph) 40
50 40
Excavator 14ft Extradig 15ft Extradig
6-in-1 Shovel m3 1.0
1.2 1.3
Wheels (") 18/20/26 20/26 24 28
Steer Modes 2WS AWS AWS/Crab Steer
A/C Optional STD OPT Standard

Why Choose JCB

Renowned for reliability, all over the world.

The JCB Backhoe Loader revolutionised the construction industry when it hit the market back in 1953. And today, we continue to lead the way with innovative equipment you can rely on. 

As the global market leader for Backhoes and telescopic handlers, our machines operate across six different continents. So wherever you are in the world, you’ll have access to a global support network and any JCB Backhoe Loader parts. 

Whenever you see the iconic black and yellow of a JCB machine, you know it’s a machine synonymous with quality, safety and performance.

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