Stage V Base Engine News

JCB Power Systems has appointed a new dealer to distribute its OEM engines across Russia and Latvia – its first presence in the region.

GHP Group has multiple locations across Russia and Latvia and will offer the full line of JCB variable speed engines as well as service and application engineering support. GHP has over 25 years of experience in the power drive and internal combustion engines market, across a range of industries, including construction, coal and mining and agriculture.
JCB Power Systems is very excited to add GHP Group to its family of OEM engine distributors. We firmly believe they will help the JCB Power Systems brand build a strong presence in the Russian market in the coming months.

Nick Grez   OEM Engine Sales and Business Development Manager 

“The breadth of knowledge they offer and their engineering capabilities for the OEM market make them the perfect partner. This appointment further showcases JCB Power Systems as a global supplier to our OEM partners in both sales and service support.”

GHP Sales Manager Dmitriy Novikov said: “JCB has a strong reputation in the Russian market as a manufacturer of advanced technology and high-quality equipment and mobile machinery. As a JCB distributor, we will gain new knowledge and expertise in this area and will be able to expand our operation in the market of high technology machines.

“By offering JCB products, GHP Group will be able to expand its customer base and increase loyalty levels with new customers for whom the JCB brand is a benchmark of quality and efficiency. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with JCB Power Systems.”