Farmers wanting a compact telescopic handler with efficient and lively performance have more choice in the JCB range with the launch of an Agri version of the Loadall 525-60.

Farmers wanting a compact telescopic handler with efficient and lively performance have more choice in the JCB range with the launch of an Agri version of the Loadall 525-60.

The new model caters for users who do not need the full suite of features available on the high specification Agri Plus version but still need the benefit of class leading product attributes that the 525-60 design delivers.

With a genuine lift height of six metres, 2.5 tonnes of lift capacity and a choice of transmissions and hydraulics, the 525-60 brings efficiency and productivity features from the latest full-size Loadall handlers into the compact sector.

The new Loadall 525-60 Agri range (Agri & Agri Plus) features include:

  • Only 1.89m wide and just 1.97m tall but generous best in class  880mm wide cab
  • Two-stage boom with 2.5 tonne lift capacity and 6m lift height
  • 2.5-litre JCB Diesel by Kohler four-cylinder engine with 74hp (55kW) with no DPF or SCR after-treatment
  • Choice of standard or 4200 kg tractive effort hydrostatic transmissions
  • Varispeed option for independent engine and ground speed control
  • 80-litre/min gear pump on the Agri or a 90-litre/min piston pump on the Agri Plus

JCB Agriculture General Manager John Smith said: “Demand for compact telehandlers capable of working efficiently in and around buildings has previously been met by machines with tight dimensions but also some compromises in terms of equipment and performance.

“The new Loadall 525-60 Agri and Agri Plus are thoroughly modern, high-spec, no compromise machines that are easy to use, have exceptional rear three-quarters visibility, and can deliver a full-size machine’s performance despite their remarkably small overall dimensions.”

Measuring just 1.97m to the top of the spacious cab and only 1.89m over the tyres, the Loadall 525-60 Agri and Agri Plus will slot into the smallest of buildings and can be worked with ease around ‘traditional’ and modern farm yards thanks to unmatched all-round visibility. In particular, the low engine cover and boom pivot, which is set at the same height as a seated driver's waist, results in exceptional right rear three-quarters visibility.

A short wheelbase provides the ultimate in four-wheel steer agility so that operators can make the most of the 2.5 tonne lift capacity and 6m lift height.

The Loadall 525-60 is powered by a 2.5-litre JCB Diesel by Kohler compact four-cylinder engine developing 74hp (55kW). Service-free emissions control results from the engine’s highly efficient combustion – there is no need for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to deal with NoX or a diesel particulates filter (DPF) to meet European Stage IV / US Tier 4 Final standards.

The new engine also promises improved fuel economy, which is helped by the variable speed reversible engine cooling fan positioned behind a wide-core radiator on both Agri and Agri Plus models

Agri versus Agri Plus

The Agri and Agri Plus versions of the Loadall 525-60 differ principally in the transmission and hydraulics departments.

The Agri version has a JCB hydrostatic transmission with two ranges for work and travel and a top speed of 25kph, delivering more than adequate performance for routine lifting, loading and carrying duties on pig, poultry, dairy, beef and sheep units where the Loadall 525-60 is most likely to be found.

For more arduous work schedules, the Agri Plus has a 30kph high performance  JCB hydrostatic transmission generating the 4200kgs tractive effort required for maximum productivity when digging into muck heaps or piles of bulk feed, and when operating in hilly areas or improved towing performance.

Both these transmissions benefit from an inching pedal to provide optimum fine transmission control, which makes it easier to draw on extra revs for maximum hydraulic flow.

Both transmissions can be equipped with Varispeed, which provides a hand throttle to set the engine revs and a dial to set the ground speed. This feature is ideal for operations involving slow speeds but a consistent flow of oil from the auxiliary circuit fitted as standard equipment to a hydraulic motor – such as on an auger feeding bucket, straw shredder or rotary yard brush.

The 525-60 Agri’s gear pump hydraulics provide oil flow up to 80-litres/min, while the load-sensing piston pump of the Agri Plus delivers up to 90-litres/min and has an improved flow sharing circuit so that multi-functioning of the lift end is more intuitive. Loading cycles are more productive with this set-up thanks to faster cycle times.

Spacious cab

Operators will appreciate the spacious cabin, which at 880mm is 10% wider than the leading competitor’s machine.

Tinted glass is standard and operators will value the single lever electro servo joystick design, which provides proportional control of all hydraulic services and carries a forward/reverse roller switch selector to complement the traditional left-hand shuttle lever.

Both the Agri and Agri Plus offer the patented bucket control as standard, move the joystick sideways and the ‘bucket rattle’ feature engages and any sticky materials can be easily dislodged from the attachment. And since the amount of movement is proportional to the position of the joystick, it can also be used for precision metering – of sawdust used as bedding or feed into a trough, for example.

The Agri Plus comes with a deluxe cab package as standard offering a radio speaker kit, sun blinds, roof wiper, tilt and reach adjustable steering column, two-speed and intermittent windscreen wiper and a 12v auxiliary power socket. All these can be specified on the Agri model as an option. Both versions can have air conditioning.

Compact handler, big machine features

Big handler features on the compact 525-60 include auto alignment of the wheels when switching between the two-wheel, crab and four-wheel circle steering modes, while the two-stage telescopic boom, designed for durability and trouble-free service, delivers fast handling and loading cycle times thanks to the advanced hydraulic system.

The boom comes with telescopic ram end damping on the Agri and Agri Plus versions and both are available with JCB’s highly effective Smooth Ride Suspension to minimise spills and add to the driver’s comfort over rough surfaces. Carriage options include Euro Hitch for the first time on a Loadall, enabling tractor-loader operators to switch to a telehandler and make full use of existing attachments.

JCB Loadall 525-60


Agri Plus


2.5-litre JCB Diesel by Kohler

Power / Torque

74hp (55kW) / 300Nm

Reversible variable flow fan

manual reverse standard - auto reverse optional

Emissions control

Efficient combustion - no SCR or DPF after-treatment


2-range hydro 25kph

2-range HD hydro 30kph

Varispeed (engine/ground speed control)


Hydraulic system

80-litre/min single-stage gear pump

90-litre/min flow sharing piston pump

Constant flow auxiliary service



Smart Hydraulics Bucket Control


Smooth Ride Suspension (boom)


Cab air conditioning


Lift height


Lift capacity - max


Lift capacity - to full height


Forward reach


Full reach lift capacity


Overall height






Note: * over 340/80 R18 tyres. ** to implement carriage, boom lowered.