New control and information features – including the ability to perform routine service checks while seated in the new CommandPlus cab – are among a host of features on latest versions of the mid-range JCB 411 Agri, 413S Agri and 417 Agri wheeled loaders.

New control and information features – including the ability to perform routine service checks while seated in the new CommandPlus cab – are among a host of features on latest versions of the mid-range JCB 411 Agri, 413S Agri and 417 Agri wheeled loaders.

They take on many of the new features first seen on the farming flagship 435S Agri and JCB’s other high productivity wheeled loaders, including:

  • A Tier 4 Final engine with no costly diesel particulate filter or extra servicing requirements
  • CommandPlus cab with more space, new control features and quieter working environment
  • Choice of high specification seats, new seat-mounted controls and two cab spec levels
  • New electric park brake and temperature-reactive reversible engine cooling fan options
  • Fold-away trailer hitch for 413S exploits first-class towing and 48kph top speed potential

JCB Agriculture General Manager John Smith said: “Operators of these cost-efficient machines now get the same comfort, convenience and productivity as operators of JCB’s larger, high-performance wheeled loaders. The new service and machine set-up features will encourage operators to look after and use their loaders for optimum performance within minimum running costs.”

These agile loading machines have a commanding central driving position that makes it easy to position and manoeuvre them in the most restricted of working environments. 

The JCB 411 Agri and 417 Agri are designed and equipped primarily for hard surface applications, operating in bulk stores and carrying out routine handling and loading tasks on farms, while the JCB 413S Agri tackles more demanding applications, such as silage clamp work and loading manure spreaders in the field, thanks to the more generous levels of pushing power and tractive performance generated by a higher power-to-weight ratio and six-speed powershift transmission.

Fuel efficient engines

The new loaders are powered by the same JCB EcoMAX engine as before – a 4.4-litre generating 81kW (109hp) in the 411 Agri and 93kW (125hp) in the 417 Agri, and a 4.8-litre version with 108kW (145hp) and 560Nm of peak torque for the JCB 413S.

But both versions of the award-winning power unit are now fitted with an efficient selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system. Together with a ‘clean’ combustion process, this achieves Euro Stage IV / US Tier 4 Final emissions requirements without a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) nor a costly diesel particulate filter (DPF) and the regeneration process often needed to periodically clear such filters.

A larger wide-core cooling pack is installed and buyers can opt for the new hydraulic drive fan, which adjusts its speed according to ambient temperature to optimise cooling and fuel efficiency, and periodically reverses the airflow to clear debris.

Torque proportioning differentials are standard in the heavy-duty JCB axles, with optional limited slip differentials front and rear providing additional traction for loaders working predominantly off hard surfaces. Being able to disconnect drive through the brake pedal releases engine revs for optimum hydraulics performance while reducing brake wear and fuel consumption.

As before, the 411 Agri and 417 Agri are equipped with a four-speed powershift transmission, while the 413S Agri has a six-speed version. The extra ratios within the typical working speed range enable the operator to fully exploit the greater engine power available.

A top speed potential of 48kph means the JCB 413S Agri can keep pace with tractors and other agricultural vehicles on the road, and a new fold-away hitch option makes the most of the loader’s considerable towing ability.

CommandPlus cab

The more spacious new CommandPlus cab brings new levels of information, control and comfort to the JCB 411 Agri, 413S Agri and 417 Agri, with excellent visibility and improved sound suppression making it a great place to spend long hours in the driving seat.

Windows demist faster on chilly mornings thanks to a climate control air conditioning system that provides improved ventilation and air flow distribution, and there are generous storage compartments.

Two levels of cab specification are available. Standard equipment includes an adjustable steering column, air suspension seat, windscreen roller blind, heated external mirrors and a 12v power socket. With the High Spec option, operators benefit from a deluxe seat, twin roller blinds, and removable rubber mats in the storage compartments either side of the instrument display.

They also get a second information screen with integrated remote camera display and CommandPlus Control, which enables in-cab adjustment of auxiliary oil flow, the optional boom suspension system and timing intervals for the reversing fan if fitted.

There is also a ‘help’ feature that details the function of control switches, which is particularly useful for occasional and seasonal operators. An additional power socket and USB port also add to the cab’s facilities.

Being able to perform daily routine service checks from within the cab, such as engine oil and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) levels, not only saves time but encourages operators to regularly make these important checks.

A choice of new joystick and multi-lever controls for the hydraulics caters for different operator preferences. Both designs are seat-mounted as standard to keep the control system comfortably close to hand, include a thumb-operated forward/reverse shuttle switch and provide proportional control of all loader functions.

New LED lighting options, which have a significantly longer service life, can be had in place of the standard and mid-spec halogen lights to provide operators with much better visibility around the machine when working in the dark.

Hydraulics and front end options

The hydraulics system on JCB’s three mid-range wheeled loaders are appropriate to their roles and performance; so the 411 Agri has a gear pump system producing 123-litres/min at full output while the 413S Agri and 417 Agri have a load-sensing flow-on-demand installation with up to 156-litre/min available.

Apart from supplying oil to the articulated chassis steering cylinders and four-wheel power braking system, they operate the loader arms and a standard or quick-hitch implement carriage that can operate equipment from the growing range of JCB AGRI attachments.

The 8.7 tonne 411 Agri has JCB High Torque lift arms giving 3.36 metres of load-over clearance with the quick-hitch fitted and a full-turn tipping load of a little more than 5 tonnes with a general purpose 1.2-1.6cu m bucket fitted.

The JCB 413S, weighing in at typically 8.95 tonnes, clears 3.61 metres of load-over clearance with the optional High Lift loader arms fitted, catering for operators needing to load manure spreaders and diet feeders that have become bigger and taller. Alternatively, the standard arms provide increased torque for improved lifting ability, so the 413S Agri has tipping load capacities from 4.6 to 5.6 tonnes depending upon the front end equipment installed.

Three loader arm choices are available with the JCB 417 Agri, giving up to 4.2 metre clearance for bale stacking or loading an intake hopper in a feed production or fertiliser blending plant. Full turn tipping load capacity is around 3.9 tonnes in that configuration, with up to 5.8 tonnes capacity available with a quick-hitch on the standard arms, which will clear 3.3 metres.

Optional hydraulic suspension is available to cushion the arms as the loader travels over a rough surface, improving operator ride comfort and minimising the risk of spillages or a load becoming dislodged.

JCB 411 Agri, 413S Agri and 417 Agri CommandPlus

411 Agri

413S Agri

417 Agri

Operating weight*

8.7 tonne

8.95 tonne

9.4 tonne

Power (max)

81kW (109hp)

108kW (145hp)

93kW (125hp)


4.4-litre JCB EcoMAX

4.8-litre JCB EcoMAX

4.4-litre JCB EcoMAX


4-speed powershift

6-speed powershift

4-speed powershift






123-litre/min gear pump

156-litre/min piston pump

156-litre/min piston pump

Note: * Approximate - depends on front-end and other equipment.