How to start a telehandler

There's no time to waste on-site, so a JCB telehandler is quick to start up in six simple steps:

  • Insert the battery isolator key: push and turn it 90 degrees to wake up the machine.
  • Disarm the immobiliser: if this is installed on your machine, enter your code followed by 'enter'.
  • Set to neutral: move the forward to reverse lever into the neutral position.
  • Insert the key: push directly into the ignition switch.
  • Start the machine: turn the ignition key to the start position and hold it there until you hear the engine fire up.
  • Test the hydraulics: operate each hydraulic function to make sure they're all working correctly and help warm up the system.

Following these steps will make sure you always start your machine up safely - and it's also a good idea to quickly inspect the machine and interior to make sure nothing is damaged. 


For more details on how to operate your machine, click here to download the complete Quick Start Guide for all our rotating telehandler and Loadall models.

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