Do more for less

Increasing productivity and cutting costs is important on all groundwork sites, as is reducing your machine transport costs.

Having one machine which can do the work of a site dumper, an excavator, a forklift and a sweeper, as well as getting itself to site, means you can save costs by reducing the number of machines on site, which also saves fuel and cuts emissions. That’s one machine with outstanding capability for moving material and doing more, in less time, with less cost. 

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4CX Backhoe loader on a house building site lifting materials on forks

For example, you can...

Level and grade stone in a third of the time

Yes that's right. Incredible as it sounds, this machine can outperform a 13-tonne excavator, doing exactly the same job. 

It certainly makes the grade when it comes to this time-consuming job and saves up to 25% on fuel and emissions.

Move material up to 25% quicker

That's made possible because you're only using one machine to do all the work.

Normally you'd probably have an 8-tonne excavator and a dumper working together and therefore taking a lot longer. 

Plus, think of all the fuel that's saving!

Load a lorry in less than 5 minutes

It doesn't sound possible, but it is.

A machine that can actually load a whole 20 tonnes of material into a lorry in under 5 minutes. That's a whole lot of material shifted in next to no time, which is enough to keep lorry drivers on their toes anyway.

All whilst using 10% less fuel than a 13-tonne excavator.

Drive to site with no transport costs

Would you love to have a machine that can drive straight to site to reduce your transport costs? 

This machine is capable of driving 30 miles in just one hour, all for just £21, saving you time and money. Taking an excavator to site for example, involves additional expensive low-loader costs. Yet more hassle and expense you can do without.

Excavate up to 190 tonnes per hour

That's an awful lot of material.

In fact, it's enough to fill 6 lorries an hour. And because this machine can dig down to 6.1m, it will help you complete foundation and drainage digs with ease. 

It certainly makes tonnes of difference to your productivity and bottom line.

A JCB backhoe loader emits 50% less CO2

So, whether you're simply wanting to use less fuel and therefore save money, or have sustainability targets to manage, a JCB backhoe loader can use 50% less fuel than a conventional 8-tonne excavator and accompanied site dumper. And that of course equals 50% less CO2.

It's time to look at an alternative way of working. An alternative that lets you do a lot more, for a lot less.