Stage V

JCB Power Systems has a history of providing a proven approach to emissions control solutions that not only meet legislation requirements but deliver customer value through lower operating costs. Our heavy-duty innovative powertrain solutions are specifically tailored to off highway machines. The technology not only makes our products clean and efficient but also ensure that end users of equipment with JCB engines increase return on investment.      

Why choose JCB?

  • No compromise installation solutions
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Efficient operation
  • Serviceability
  • Durability

No compromise installation solutions

Efficient combustion = Compact exhaust aftertreatment

Identical engine footprint across emissions ranges

Engine mounted and bespoke aftertreatment configurations

Industrial Power Unit Package for static equipment

Efficient Operation

High torque at low engine speed – efficient equipment design and increased output

No forced high temperature regeneration – Operators not required to deviate from normal task

Engine auto stop compatible in the 3.0L family

Reduced frictional losses by 30% in the 3.0L family

Reduced operating costs

Fuel consumption reduced by up to 15% from EU Stage IIIA

Service intervals extended to 1000 hours in the 3.0L family

“Fit for life” exhaust aftertreatment systems

Optimised fuel economy for real world duty cycles


Automatic valve clearance adjustment*

Zero maintenance crankcase ventilation systems*

Single side servicing

Automatic auxiliary drive belt tensioning

*3.0L family


Technology specifically developed in and for heavy-duty off-highway applications

Robust cylinder block and bedplate engine design

Gasket free component sealing arrangements

Simplified turbocharging and EGR systems