Hydraulic Powerpacks

The combination of performance and a compact user friendly design has ensured that overall efficiency really is without compromise on the JCB Hydraulic Powerpacks.

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Beaver Powerpack with Trash Pump


A powerful and robust Powerpack yet still lightweight, ideally suited to the rigours of the rental market, this is the most popular Powerpack in the JCB range. Also available with a diesel engine.

  • The JCB Beaver powerpack works in perfect partnership and is often sold with the HM25 - our powerful, high output handheld breaker - as well as many other handheld hydraulic tools.

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An extremely compact, portable Powerpack capable of operating lighter weight breakers and tools.

  • Simple, efficient and extremely economical. Same power at the tool with an 8hp/6kW JCB powerpack rather than a 40hp/30kW air compressor.


An exceptionally light and portable powerpack, ideal for breaking and demolition work in areas where maximum power is needed but access is limited.

  • JCB Hydraulic Powerpacks are compact and lightweight for a very easy handling. They can easily be taken directly to the job regardless of location.


Powerpack that with the simple turn of a lever allows the use of handheld attachments that require 20, 30 or 40 lpm

  • The oil that powers also lubricates giving low wear and long life. Simple, proven design and easy to maintain for exceptional reliability.


A range of heavy-duty powerpacks with either 20 lpm or 30 lpm outputs, which provide extra power for heavier breaking, drilling and cutting applications.

  • JCB's most heavy-duty powerpacks, with 9kW of power.