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Submersible pump

Diamond Core Drill

The heavy-duty JCB diamond core drill has been designed to provide the contractor with an unrivalled combination of power, flexibility and reliability for a wide range of diamond core drilling jobs.

  • Side handle for ease of use
  • Rugged hydraulic motor allows prolonged use
  • Tail hoses with quick release dripless couplings for speed of attachment change
  • Water hose port for dust suppression and cooling
  • Can be used underwater for extra versatility

Disc Cutter

The JCB disc cutter is a well balanced unit designed for use with JCB Powerpacks.

  • Flow regulator to prevent over-speeding
  • Adjustable guard for safety
  • Tail hoses with flat faced quick release dripless couplings for speed of change
  • Removable handle for right or left hand operation
  • No carburettor to clog with dust
  • One stone cutting disc and one metal cutting disc included

Handheld Earth Drill

JCB handheld earth drills are capable of drilling holes from 102 to 305 mm in diameter, depending on the size of the auger flight fitted.

  • Automatic return to neutral safety device
  • Reversible for powering out of the ground
  • Diameter hole capacity from 102 mm up to 305 mm
  • Optional items: various diameter auger flights; fittings, adapters, couplings; extension flights

Submersible Pump

JCB offer two types of clear water submersible pump to suit two different hydraulic flow powerpacks.

  • Flat faced quick-release dripless couplings for speed of attachment change
  • Lifting eye to aid placement
  • Self priming for speed of use
  • Supplied with 10m x2in lay flat hose
  • Capable of pumping solids in suspension up to 8mm (6/10in) diameter

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Trash Pump

Rugged durable range of submersible trash pumps used for pumping water with mud, leaves, twigs, sand, sewage and sludge in it.

  • Available in two sizes - 20 litre or 30 litre
  • Greater lift height than suction pumps
  • Self priming and run dry
  • Unique combi seal protects main pump seal
  • Removable wear plate - protects pump housing
  • 5,000 hours sealed bearings for a minimal maintenance required

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