The comprehensive range of JCB Lubricants has been approved by JCB’s engineers and designers to ensure that your engine, transmission, hydraulic system and other key components are fully protected and working efficiently to get the most from your machine.

  • A wide range of specialist Lubricants for all applications
  • Selection of high protection Greases for machines and attachments
  • A comprehensive range of high quality Oils
  • A range of high quality Consumables
  • Antifreeze for all conditions
  • JCB lubricants meet JCB specifications
  • JCB Lubricants are specially formulated as per JCB specifications
  • High quality base oils blended with very high quality additive packages
  • Peak Performance in Hazardous Condition due to following reasons:
    • Maintains Viscosity at higher temperature and pressure
    • Load Carrying capacity
    • Oxidation stability
    • Dispersant
  • Complete Equipment Protection