JCB Warehouse Operation

What is it that makes JCB India the unrivalled leaders of the construction equipment industry? It is the promise of delivering the best to our customers that makes us truly stand apart. JCB put customer support at the very heart of its business. JCB India has a wide spread footprint across the nation with a network of more than 60 dealers and +700 outlets spread throughout India. These far-reaching outlets provide the vital product support to customers for their equipment. JCB India have total 5 warehouses in India which cater 60 dealerships and +700 outlets.

Our state-of-the-art warehouses across strategic location throughout India play a vital role in supporting these dealerships and outlets for parts supplies

  • Bengaluru
  • Faridabad
  • Guwhati

Total +70,000 SKU’s  and +1,00,000 /- lines are served from these warehouses


Keeping environment first, the design ergonomics of the warehouses are planned keeping in mind thoughtful utilization of lighting.  Due to evenly placed intermittent transparent sheets; the warehouse gets more than adequate natural lighting. Thus, minimum electric lights required during the day time at all.

Latest Warehouse technologies are used to minimize turn around time

  • Dock leveler for unloading
  • Gravity Chute for part quick movements
  • It also has Cantilever racks for proper storage of RAM
  • A 3 level mezzanine racking system with a Material lift at Mezzanine
  • It is equipped with modern packing machine like paper cushion machine, auto bag machine and more
  • It features the latest storage system G+7 pellet racking system and G+3 shelving racking system