JCB LiveLink enables you to be in constant touch with your JCB machines, thus empowering your business in many ways. It sends out real-time data, en­­­abling you to stay informed all the time.


You can access this data through SMS, email or by visiting




LiveLink collects important information about your machine such as its health, location and numerous other vital data through built in sensors. This data is then transmitted to a secure server, from there it is sent out to you. You can then use this data to make critical decisions about your business or the machine.




Accurate Machine Hour Monitoring and Alerts


By monitoring machine hours accurately, the system ensures maintenance is kept up-to-date. Alerts keep you aware of the machines needing routine maintenance in a simple and, easy-to-use format.


Maintenance History Records


Allows you to demonstrate the service history of any machine which is vital for good resale.


Critical Machine Alerts


When machines require non-routine attention, you’ll be alerted either through the website or via text or e-mail.