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JCB LiveLink 4.0 enables you to make quick and informed decisions that will maximise your machine's uptime, productivity, and profitability.
With next level of control and efficiency the advanced LiveLink 4.0, renders advanced machine insights and analytics which enables you to optimise machine productivity & performance. Instant critical health & service alerts ensure your machines are always up & running and you know about failure or breakdown before it happens.

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  • Accurate Hours Monitoring and Alerting
  • Maintenance History Records
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Health & Service Alerts
  • Fleet Management
  • Enhanced operating Efficiency
  • Enhanced Security
  • Critical Machine Alerts & Insights


Efficiency at its best

With better analytics you can get advanced level performance from our Machines. The duty-cycle provides data on specific attachment utilization, detailed data on each excavation mode performance, time spent in each gear, fuel utilization and machine compass data; power mode, travel and swing time analysis; that will help you optimize machine’s performance and get enhanced productivity.

Maximise UPTIME

Exceptional Performances

It increases operational efficiency by providing technical alerts and storing maintenance history data to help you manage the health of your machine. With Livelink 4.0, you can avoid machine breakdowns and achieve faster connectivity. Not only that, but it also improves machine safety and gives you more control over machine usage. 

Optimise Cost

Save time and resources

LiveLink 4.0 ensures peak performance of your equipment and can help you lower repair and operational costs. With detailed machine hours, faults, and malpractices recorded, you will be able manage the cost of ownership and enjoy best return on investment.

Maximise Profit

Good returns. Great results.

With efficient UPTIME and effective asset utilisation, it enhances your operational economy. It also helps you control the whole-life cost of ownership by monitoring idle time and real-time fuel usage, cutting down expenses and increasing productivity.