Product Introduction

  • JCB Engine Oil Max is a premium quality high performance diesel engine oil.
  • Operates under a wide variety of service conditions.
  • Fortified with advanced dispersant technology which keeps the soot agglomeration
  • JCB Engine Oil Max thus reduces soot related engine wear leading to extended engine life and oil life
  • It’s suitable for engines fitted with exhaust gas recirculation(EGR).

Customer Benefits

  • Lower Oil consumption.
  • Better soot handling properties.
  • Extended drain capability.
  • Keep the engine operating at peak performance all the time.
  • JCB Engine Oil Max meets the requirements of API CI-4 Plus & JCB Standard 00080.

Engine Oil Max

Product Benefits

  • Increased Engine Overhaul Period
  • Optimized Top Up
  • Better Engine durability

Engine Oil Max