Exclusively designed to cater to the road construction, JCB Road Solutions offer a comprehensive range of Compactors. A Compactor also known as Road Vibratory Roller, is known for carrying out substantial amount of work while making roads. 

JCB has got one of the finest range of soil compactor that offers perfection and precision during the construction of roads. Every JCB Compactor is equipped with unique features and robust structure that enable you build strong roads. 

Designed for productivity, JCB has got a roller compactor range suitable for various projects, depending upon the volume of compaction work. Whether it’s a single drum soil compactor or a vibratory tandem road roller, every JCB Compactor offers an efficiency which is more than what you expect.

The single drum road roller models by JCB range up to 20,000 kg capacity, which deliver class-leading durability. The JCB116 soil compactor leads the compaction industry in output with the best compaction per pass. In addition, the machine is equipped with LiveLink and Compaction Coach – a Compaction Monitoring System that has been introduced to strengthen the roadways industry. It optimises the number of passes and enables you to monitor operator’s performance with real time compaction alerts.

Weighing between 1680 kg and 8750 kg, JCB’s vibratory tandem road rollers are designed for reliability, low cost of operation, manoeuvrability, performance, and high operator comfort. VMT330 is a JCB Mini Tandem Roller that is ideal as an entry-level road construction machine and JCB Tandem Roller VMT 860 is a zero maintenance compactor that has been designed to fulfil the growing demand of road compaction.

Only JCB offers a wide dealer network of 650+ dealers, which ensures 24x7 onsite support, machine uptime, parts availability, onsite training and a complete peace of mind. Have a look at the best-in-class Compactors in India and explore the competitive compactor prices by JCB. Choose your path to success. Buy Compactor that leads you to it. 


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