Introducing All-New JCB Wheeled Loader Range

JCB offers some of the best wheeled loaders in India that lead to a perfection driven performance. Our new range of Wheeled Loaders is designed to lead the way in standards of Fuel Efficiency, Performance, Reliability, Operator Comfort, and Innovation.

Capable of performing for continuous hours, these wheeled loaders work with precision and perfection. Whether it’s about the transfer of material from stockpiles to trucks, or transport of material around job sites, Wheeled Loaders by JCB revolutionise the way loading processes happen.


Powerful. Productive. Economical. The new JCB 433-4 Wheeled Loader is designed with an aim to boost your success.

Standard Shovel Range
1.5-3.1 cum
Max. Operating Weight
Max. Engine Power


Designed to deliver under the toughest conditions, the new JCB 437-4 Wheeled Loader is loaded for success.

Standard Shovel Capacity
2.2 cum
Max. Operating Weight
Max. Engine power
108kW (145hp)


When your objective is to power your success, then partnering with the extremely reliable JCB 455-4 Wheeled Loader makes perfect business sense.

Standard Shovel Capacity
3.3 cum
Max. Operating Weight
Max. Engine Power
168kW (225hp)