Wheeled Loaders

Changing the urban landscape of the nation would not have been possible without dependable heavy machinery. To support growth and development in various segments of construction, infrastructure, material handling and more, Wheeled Loaders are one of the most reliable partners. Along with the other robust and sturdy heavy equipment ranges by JCB, Wheeled Loaders are the versatile machines that offer the best-in-class productivity along with fuel-efficiency. Capable of performing for continuous hours, JCB Wheeled Loaders work with precision and perfection. JCB offers some of the best Wheeled Loaders in India that lead to a perfection driven performance. Whether it’s about the transfer of material from stockpiles to trucks, or transport of material around job sites, Wheeled Loaders by JCB revolutionise the way loading processes happen.

At present, the range of JCB Wheeled Loaders include three models, 430ZX Plus, 432ZX and 455ZX. These machines come with bucket capacities ranging from 1.7 cum to 5 cum.

Every loader has got unique features that offer an unmatched performance and world class reliability. While an increased shovel capacity of 1.1 cum in 3DXL gives an extraordinary productivity, rugged & reliable 430ZX PLUS has got an engine that delivers 99kW power and offers low maintenance costs.

With a hydraulic oil change period of 2000 hrs, 432ZX not only takes care of your earthmoving applications but also lets you have a fuel savings of Rs 1 Lakh per year.

It has got a maximum bucket capacity of 3.1 cum  for crusher application and 5 Cum for coal mining application. In addition to its maximum operating weight of 17,880 kg, 455ZX is also equipped with Loader Coach, a Loader Productivity Management System. With this, 455ZX helps augment the loading capacity by preventing spillage and monitoring operator productivity through load pattern analysis.

All this and more, JCB Wheeled Loaders offer more than what you expect.

Explore the versatile range by the world's favourite earthmoving equipment manufacturer.




An increased size of coolers ensures better performance of the Wheel Loaders in hot and dusty working conditions. Add to it the long shovel capacity, and the Wh...

Maximum Engine Power
76 hp
Maximum Bucket Capacity
1.1 cu.m.


JCB Wheeled Loaders 430ZX Plus is capable of continuous hours of uninterrupted and productive operations.

Maximum Operating Weight
11250 kg
Maximum Bucket Capacity
1.7 cu.m.
Maximum Bucket Capacity
2.1 cu.m.
Maximum Operating Weight
12000 kg
Maximum Engine Power
112 kW (150hp)


JCB New Wheeled Loader 455ZX, a product from JCB’s Premier Line. It is a rugged, reliable machine equipped with advanced telematics LiveLink.

Maximum Operating Weight
17880 kg
Maximum Bucket Capacity
3.1 cu.m.
Maximum Engine Power
165 kW (221hp)