JCB Pins & Bushes

JCB Pins & Bushes made from high quality chrome alloy steel with accurate and matching dimensions. JCB Pins are hardened from outside till 4 mm depth and inner core of pin is refined through heat treatment with phosphate coating on the outer surface of pin. JCB Bushes have soft outer surface and hard inner surface with grooves with tribromo coating on the inner grooved surface of bush.

Benefits of JCB Pins and Bushes

  • Pin has ability to withstand impacts, absorb shocks & does not deform.
  • Low wear out rate & long life.
    • Soft outer surface enables easy fitment & removal without damaging the structure, also prevents shock transfer to structure during machine working.
    • Hard inner surface matches with outer hardness of pins.
    • Inner grooves ensure grease retention leading to better lubrication between pin & bush.
  • Ensures better lubrication & prevents corrosion.
  • Long life & less prone to corrosion.
  • Perfect & quick fitting.