JCB Certified

Your One-Stop Solution for Pre-Owned JCB Machines

At JCB Certified, we provide a seamless experience for buying, selling, or exchanging pre-owned JCB machines. Our commitment to quality ensures that each machine meets rigorous standards for performance and reliability.

Quality and Excellence: Every JCB Certified machine undergoes a thorough inspection process, including a 140-point checklist, to ensure it maintains the highest productivity and reliability standards. Our no-compromise approach ensures that all machines meet our stringent quality criteria.

Customer Confidence: Our goal is to give you complete confidence in your purchase. JCB Certified machines are the smart choice for upgrading your equipment or making your first purchase.

Our Services:

Comprehensive Inspection: 140 Checkpoints We meticulously inspect each machine on 140 parameters to ensure quality. Genuine JCB parts are used in refurbishment to guarantee superior productivity and extended performance.
JCB Warranty Assurance: All JCB Certified machines come with a 6-month/1000-hour warranty*, offering peace of mind and reliable performance.
Flexible Financing: Finance your JCB Certified machine easily with financing and insurance options available through our banking partners.
One-Stop Solutions: Our program offers a convenient platform to buy, sell, or exchange your old JCB machines, all in one place.
Simplified Documentation: Enjoy a quick and transparent documentation process, making transactions smooth and hassle-free.

Why Choose JCB Certified Machines?

Maximum Convenience
  • Trade in your old JCB machine for a new one and access a range of attractive benefits.
  • Benefit from our extensive JCB network across India, where you can easily buy, sell, or exchange JCB machines.

Quality Assurance
  • Every machine undergoes a rigorous 140-point inspection to earn the JCB Certified badge.
  • Refurbished with genuine JCB parts to ensure top-tier quality and performance.

Word of Honor
  • Each JCB Certified machine includes a 6-month/1000-hour warranty*.
  • Access complete service history for full transparency.
  • Avail 2 free services with every new JCB Certified machine purchase.

Wide Range of Machines
  • Choose from a diverse portfolio of JCB Certified machines tailored to meet your specific business needs.