HVI Hydraulic Oil

Exclusively recommended for use in the hydraulic systems of JS75/JS80 and JS210LC/JS200 JCB Excavators.

  • High viscosity index
  • Superior “keep clean” anti-lacquer performance
  • Better anti-wear properties
  • Very high oxidation stability
  • High load carrying capacity
  • Good thermal and hydrolytic stability
  • Good demulsification characteristics and good filterability
  • Provides excellent protection against rust and corrosion.

Customer Benefits

  • Increased life of hydraulic pump, motor and valve.
  • Minimum wear of moving components.
  • Very high oxidation stability.
  • Excellent protection against rust, corrosion and metal fatigue.
  • Exclusive formulation that ensures peak performance in severe operation conditions.


Product Benefits

Meets and exceeds JCB specifications

Super Clean( NAS 6*) results in

  • Longer Hydraulic Pump & Valve Life
  • Minimum Particle Built up at Filters
  • Avoids catastrophic failure

Additive package ensures

  • Minimum wear and allows for trouble free operation
  • High Mechanical efficiency
  • Enhanced Seals & filter Life
  • Demulsibilty

Hydraulic Oil