Grease Gun Manual

1) Designed for general lubrication & daily maintenance jobs
2) Die Cast Grease Gun Head with air release valve
3) Rigid & robust steel barrel with heavy duty follower spring, large rolled threads for fast & easy re-loading
4) Develops upto 8,000 PSI
5) Complete with 8″ (200 mm) steel extension & professional 3 jaw coupler without ball check

Grease Pump 6kg

1) High pressure grease pump designed for quick effortless greasing in applications requiring volume greasing such as excavators and other earth moving equipment, agricultural equipment, automotive and machinery
2) In-built 6 Kg steel grease bucket; comes complete with 2 m long high pressure grease hose and coupler; works well with NLGI 1,2 and 3 greases; develops upto 6,000 psi pressure

Head Lights

1) This headlight provides bright and focused illumination through LED technology and is suitable for heavy duty work at night and during rainy conditions
2) Water resistance for outdoor use
3) Adjustable beam patterns and durability against vibrations and shocks
4) Highly energy efficient

Funnel - Water Separator

1) Efficient water separation from fuel to prevent engine damage
2) Equipped with a drain valve for convenient removal of separated water
3) Built with durable materials to withstand the demands of heavy equipment environments

Spray Paints - Black & Yellow

1) Offer a durable and protective finish for JCB equipment
2) Provides corrosion resistance
3) Includes quick-drying properties
4) Designed for heavy-duty applications, enhancing the longevity of JCB machinery

Windshield Guard

1) Designed with robust material for durability
2) Ensures optimum safety for operator
3) Guards the windshield against rocks and potential damage
4) Easy & convenient setup process for compatibility with JCB 3DX Backhoe Loader
5) Adds an extra layer of protection in challenging conditions

Seat covers

1) Tailored to fit JCB machine seats for a precise and comfortable fit
2) Constructed from sturdy and resistant materials for long-lasting use
3) Designed for simple and quick installation

Steering Cover

1) Tailored to fit JCB backhoe steering wheels for a precise and secure fit
2) Constructed with durable materials to withstand regular use and environmental conditions
3) Designed with materials to improve grip for better control
4) Engineered for straightforward installation, ensuring convenience for users

Swipe & Scoop Set

1) Designed for versatile use in lubrication tasks
2) Features ergonomic handles for comfortable grip and ease of use
3) Allows for precise and controlled application of grease in targeted areas
4) Designed for easy cleaning after use, maintaining tool efficiency
5) Compact design for convenient storage and portability on job sites