Solid Waste

India is developing at a rapid pace. This leads to an extreme acceleration in production cycles and the need for speedy delivery of services in the competitive business scenario. Amidst this upheaval of progress, the waste industry is growing rapidly and has become a crucial indicator of the development index. India generates approximately 62 million tonne of garbage a year and out of this staggering figure, 12 million tonne of collected waste is treated and over 31 million tonne of it is disposed in landfills.

India’s waste management industry is expected to be worth US $13.62 billion with an annual growth rate of 7.17 per cent by 2025. With growth in manufacturing and domestic consumption, India’s total waste production is set to increase from its current annual rate of 62 million tonne to a whopping 162 million tonne by 2030.
Much of the waste India generates especially solid waste, directly ends up in landfills without any treatment or even basic solid waste management. This untapped waste has to be redirected to proper treatment channels according to the different industrial parameters, like domestic waste management, industrial waste management, construction waste management and biomedical waste management etc.

With the private sector playing an active part in the solid waste management industry, businesses involved need to be performing consistently with perfection. This has inspired JCB to bring the world’s leading range of machines that are adept for solid waste management companies. The best in class range of versatile solid waste management machines by JCB comprises:

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