JCB G63QI diesel generator is a fuel efficient & high performance diesel generator.

The JCB G63QI diesel generator is turbocharged, CPCBII compliant, low noise & has an extremely fuel efficient JCB ecoMAX engine. Compact in size, it is designed to save up to 40% space. The new range of diesel generators are designed to meet your requirements in terms of performance, serviceability, strength, safety, space and with unrivalled aesthetics empowered by world-class JCB after-sales support.

JCB gensets are backed by world-class after sales support, setting a new standard in performance and reliability. JCB genset range is suitable for real estate, commercial, infrastructure, hospitality, health centers, restaurants, banks & educational institutes.

JCB Genset G63 Gallery Image 2

Best in class aesthetics and compact in size

  • Excellent corrosion & UV resistance. Better resistance to extreme conditions. Highly flexible and heavy duty robust structure.
  • Saves huge floor area being most compact in size in its class. Reduced machine footprint.

Design to work in extreme environment conditions

  • JCB Generators are designed to work in ambient temperatures over 500C. Better than any competition, ensures its trouble free performance even in extreme environments.

Ease of maintenance and fuel efficient

  • All regular checks can be carried out from one side of the engine ensuring safe & easy maintenance. External radiator filling, removable side panel for easy alternator access, end panel for radiator maintenance.
  • JCB ecoMAX, Turbocharged, 50 Hz at 1500 RPM, CPCBII compliant. Economically running costs with low noise.