JCB Genuine Recon Parts

These parts are developed to match JCB machine specifications. They offer you quality with value for money and an assurance of JCB Genuine Parts.

The recon process starts with an old part, often referred to as the “core”. During the process, the core is completely dismantled, cleaned and sorted. All wear and tear parts like bearings, shims, bushings and joints are replaced. The JCB parts used are genuine and tested for proper functioning by different quality tests. During the process, parts are often upgraded to the latest JCB machine’s specification. Therefore, recon parts are often treated as good as new parts.

JCB Recon is not simply repaired or rebuilt. It is done at a JCB factory or in accordance to the JCB’s world-class quality controls. It starts with complete disassembly of each part. Parts are cleaned and undergo testing to ensure that they meet the quality standards. In quality tests, the parts that do not meet JCB standards are replaced with new JCB Genuine Parts. Small parts also go through a separate quality check prior fitting into the core and even after the recon completion, assembled parts go through strict JCB quality test.

Recon parts are available for the following products:

  • Complete Engine- Long block
  • Short Engine Block
  • Hydraulic pump
  • Gearbox


  • By choosing JCB Recon Parts for repairing your machine be assure about quality and specification that will match to you machine.
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Environmental friendly- due to lesser use of raw materials and energy, recon parts will reduces the amount of disposals.



  • 6 Months or 1000 h which ever is earlier