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In 1945, Joseph Cyril Bamford (Mr JCB) began using his engineering flair to invent new construction equipment. Right from the start, our machines were shining examples of innovative thinking and this commitment to innovation means we’ve always reinvested heavily in R&D, production processes and customer care.

This unique approach to construction machinery helps to explain how we continue to grow our global reach. Although we’re still a proud family business based in Staffordshire, United Kingdom, our machines operate across six continents, and we manufacture at 22 locations in the UK, Brazil, Germany, China, North America and India.

With a new £63m Brazilian factory, a £40m development of 17 new skid-steer loaders in the USA, and an £80m investment in our Ecomax T4 engine, we’re constantly honing our range of over 300 machines.

No wonder we’re the global market leader for construction equipment like backhoe loaders and telescopic handlers.


The Indian brick & tile industry is a budding sectors and contributing positively in Indian economy growth. In both sector, there are promising future in regards to growth and country’s upcoming employment opportunities. Bricks annual production is 200 billion bricks which is 2nd largest brick producer after china and the largest  “soft- mud brick producer” in the world.
520-40 Telescopic Handler moving concrete blocks on a pallet

Brick Klin

JCB Wheeled Loader 432ZX Plus_2880_1619



industry is an important industrial sector in the country. The crushed stone is Then used as raw material for various construction activities i.e. construction of roads, bridges, buildings 10 years, the Construction sector has beeand canals. Over the last n registering strong growth rates in the range of 7-8%. Housing and construction is one of the major drivers of growth in more than 40 allied industries including STONE CRUSHING.