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Supporting your power need

JCB Power Products offer an extensive range of high specification diesel generators to meet the customers' requirements for any power application globally. Each JCB generator is designed to the highest specification to deliver outstanding reliability, class-leading performance and increased efficiency.
JCB Generators offer power solutions ranging from 8 kVA to 3300 kVA, meeting all requirements globally.
Backed by the finest product support team for the entire product range, JCB Generators are trusted across the world to deliver power applications. The comprehensive range of generators provide support to residential properties, hospitals, offices, educational institutions, hotels & restaurants, commercial & agricultural sector, food industry and many more.


Safe and Sturdy

  • EMI/EMC compliant gas generator.
  • Water ingress protection as per IP 23.
  • Complete body earthing.
  • Real time remote monitoring through Live link.
  • Inbuilt ELR and shunt protection.
  • Gas engine critical parts are approved by government agency.
  • Designed to work in extreme environments (over 51OC).
  • Electronic control unit (ECU) close loop electrical architecture with deep sea.


Environment Friendly

  • CO2 emissions - Reducing carbon footprint by 6 tonne per annum.
  • Air Pollution - Produces zero particulate matter and no smoke.
  • Exhaust Emissions - Produces 30% less NOx, HC and CO emissions than prescribed limits.
  • Noise Pollution - Well within the prescribed limits.