This JCB 315LC HD tracked excavator is designed to offer you the best features ensuring that when it comes to getting the job done, you're in capable hands. Built to last the test of time, it comes with an engine power of 165kW, a bucket capacity of 1.24-1.80 m3, and an operating weight of 32,940 – 34,462 kg. This rugged machine will never let you down!


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Comfort Equals Productivity
With a large, comfortable cabin, the JCB 315LC HD makes it easy to stay productive all day. Our cab has been designed to be highly comfortable, so you can maintain your productivity throughout the day. To minimise noise and vibration, the cab sits on six viscous rubber mounts. These help to absorb impact noise, vibration and reduce driver fatigue.


Customer Satisfaction Comes First

We make sure you have the best support possible each step of the way. Our services engineers and dealership network across India offers a level of expertise, service and support that can't be beaten. Work faster and smarter with the support of the JCB team.

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Ease of Mind

JCB 315 LC HD comes equipped with features to prevent engine damage during tough working conditions and Safety Level Lock to prevent unintended hydraulics movements and work lights for all round visibility the machine will always keep you and other operators away from danger

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Do Less
LiveLink 4.0, the most advanced telematics system on the JCB 315LC HD, is designed to increase productivity and profitability in your business. LiveLink can help you reduce fuel cost, monitor machine performance and track costs, proactively manage service and maintenance to maximise uptime.


A Machine You Can Trust Will Deliver
This compact, easy to operate machine is also an excellent choice for applications where the conditions are tough. The boom and arm deliver high strength with long life while boasting a cast pivot to ensure reliability. The override switch enables you to get through tough jobs quickly with no wasted time or effort.

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Unparalleled Performance
With JCB 315LC HD’s DiesalMAX you can stop worrying about uptime costs with its fuel-efficient features and the hydraulic regeneration system to increase cycle times across cylinders. It can be trusted to get the job done effortlessly no matter the conditions you are working in.