JCB Access Platforms is a truly versatile electric scissors range developed for the critical requirement of having a safer option to work at great heights. Along with providing enhanced productivity and performance, JCB Access Platforms are the most technologically advanced way to take on vertical challenges with maximum manoeuvrability. The range builds on JCB’s 7-decade long legacy of unmatched expertise in engineering and manufacturing. But that’s not all. This unique machines also boast excellent operator safety, reduced maintenance costs, and zero emissions.



Hangar and aircraft maintenance just got easier and quicker with JCB Access Platforms. Reach all the areas on the aircraft easily and get aircraft and hangar maintenance work done swiftly and efficiently!


JCB Access Platforms are compactly designed to work easily in narrow passageways. This makes rack installation, dismantling, as well as stock-taking at heights easier and safer, in warehouses. Get a new partner in effective warehouse management.


JCB Access Platforms provide a safer, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically superior choice for mall management. They also occupy storage space efficiently and move through narrow doors quickly. Even during peak operational hours, JCB Scissor Lifts enable faster job completion.

Building Construction and Finishing

JCB Access Platforms simplify building finishing work by providing quick access to heights for lighting, HVAC, and security cameras. They also make maintenance efficient with quick ceiling fitment and painting tasks, while providing a zero-emission advantage.

Automotive/ Manufacturing industry

Shift gears to speed up operations in automotive and manufacturing plant maintenance with JCB Access Platforms. Access the heights required for quick and easy maintenance of office and administrative buildings.