JCB machines are not just a part of our customer’s business, but over the course of time, they slowly become an important part of their life. So we wanted our customers to know that it is not just them who care for their machines, but their JCB too cares for them. Essentially, we wanted to preserve the bond of love and care that our customers share with their JCB machine. And that is exactly what we have accomplished with ‘The Great Restoration’. By restoring their JCB machines to their original condition and gifting them back to three JCB customers from three different parts of India, we have tried to communicate the fact that the common thread that connects every JCB customer across India is their unwavering trust on us. Reinforcing the customer’s belief that JCB not only creates durable machines, but also creates everlasting bonds.

JCB stands for complete care so, we restored Mr Vallabh Bhai Lalla Bhai Parmar’s Excavator to its original new condition that he could pass on to the next generation. We cherished his love for the brand JCB and built a bond that would last forever.

Can you guess how we renewed the overwhelming pride that Mr. Raman has for his JCB excavator? Answer correctly & stand a chance to win an exciting gift!

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