JCB Excavators are unlike any other – they’re better. From powerhouse performance to exceptional fuel economy and operational efficiency, a JCB Excavator offers a stark, measurable difference on the only parameter that matters – your business success. Which is why there is there is JCB digging and everything else that is a compromise.


JCB 225LC Excavator_1050_768


 you can depend on. Over and over again.

Any machine can dig; but it takes a JCB to do that repetitively, relentlessly and effectively. JCB ki Khudayi isn’t just about the effectiveness – it’s about being able to depend on the machine to get the job done, every single time. With heavy duty undercarriage, upper frame as well as bucket, JCB Excavators are solidly dependable for every Khudayi. Discover the JCB range here:


The best Khudayi happens comfortably.

JCB ki Khudayi is possible because of two reasons – the sheer powerhouse capabilities of the machine itself and operator comfort. Every machine is designed to optimize the performance of the operator – with spacious cabins and seats that help reduce fatigue even after long periods of work, resulting in optimized khudayi. Discover the range and details of how operator comfort is ingrained in the details:

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The difference is so stark, that other machines shouldn’t even be called diggers. Reach far with the NXT level of Long Reach Excavator – the JCB NXT 205LR. With improved reliability and durability, the JCB NXT 205LR comes with a deep section boom design, cast pivot ends, and a strengthened foot box and cylinder pivot section. By far, the better digger. 


When it comes to performance, our Khudayi speaks volumes.

JCB Excavators don’t just dig – they dig relentlessly, productively and with industry-leading efficiency. Incorporating the legendary JCB ecoMax engine that facilitates high output while digging in tough strata, the JCB Excavators hydraulic regeneration system reduces fuel consumption while ensuring faster cycle times. Which is why there is JCB ki Khudayi and then there is everything else. Discover the JCB range here:



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 that digs deep and saves fuel.

JCB Excavators are uncompromising when it comes to digging – which is why they have been innovatively designed with eco-hydraulics and one touch idler that facilitate fuel savings of up to 32% during regular operations. Outperforming everyone in the category. Discover the JCB range here:


 isn’t just digging; it’s intelligence at play.

Every JCB excavator is innovatively designed to incorporate a host of intelligence that maximizes productivity, effectiveness and efficiency. With a CAN based telematics system for machine monitoring, maintenance and safety as well as a 7-inch dynamic screen for interactivity, JCB ki Khudayi is more than just digging – it’s the intelligent way to make your success story. Discover the range here:

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JCB Excavator JS81 Gallery Image1


The JS81 Tracked Excavator is the perfect example of what a digger should do. High on performance and savings, the JS81 offers unmatched productivity and efficiency in its category.
Discover the difference between digging – and what others claim to do.


The secret behind every khudayi: service

JCB Excavators dig like no one else – thanks to an entire team. Our service engineers and network across India is unparalleled in scope, expertise and service. With critical health alerts, service reminders, engine temperature notifications and more, exceptional Khudayi is possible because of exceptional service. Discover the JCB range and service network here:

JCB 380LC Xtra Excavator [3:2]_G1
JCB Excavator 380LC QM Gallery Image 2

JCB 380LC Quarry Master

Where other machines struggle, this digs effortlessly. JCB presents all new 380 LC Quarry Master - Power to do more. Designed exclusively for marble and granite excavation industry, it is equipped with heavy duty buckets that ensure a long life even in tough applications. Digging at its powerful best.