JCB Excavators are unlike any other – they’re better. From powerhouse performance to exceptional fuel economy and operational efficiency, a JCB Excavator offers a stark, measurable difference on the only parameter that matters – your business success. Which is why there is there is JCB digging and everything else that is a compromise.


JCB 225LC Excavator_1050_768


The machine that redefined the parameters of digging. The new JCB 225LC is the most robust excavator JCB has ever built, designed to take on the toughest challenges and perform efficiently for construction businesses. From the strengthened undercarriage, upper frame, boom and arm; all these key parts have been redesigned to enhance reliability and durability. Anything else is a compromise.


Discover the NXT level of excavation with the new JCB NXT 215LC. Built to help you achieve more, the JCB NXT 215LC is a robust machine powered to optimise performance and fuel efficiency for the NXT level of excavation performance. Quite literally, the NXT level of digging. 

JCB Excavator NXT 215LC_1050_768


The difference is so stark, that other machines shouldn’t even be called diggers. Reach far with the NXT level of Long Reach Excavator – the JCB NXT 205LR. With improved reliability and durability, the JCB NXT 205LR comes with a deep section boom design, cast pivot ends, and a strengthened foot box and cylinder pivot section. By far, the better digger. 


The machine that gets every other machine to look incompetent. With incredible levels of innovation that result in enhanced productivity, discover the NXT level of efficiency with JCB NXT 205/JCB NXT 205LC. Discover what true digging is. 

JCB Excavator NXT 205_1050_768


The difference starts right with our entry-level offerings. Built to last in tough working conditions, the JCB NXT 140 features a reinforced structure and a new heavy-duty bucket design with more wear plates and side cutter for quarry. Making it the perfect choice for better productivity – and showcasing what digging is truly about. 

JCB 130

The new 13 Tonne Excavator - the JCB 130 is productive in every way. Powered by JCB ecoMAX engine, it delivers high fuel-efficiency while optimising performance according to the task at hand. JCB’s advanced hydraulic system enables excellent tear-out force with faster cycle times for effective completion of work. It digs better, deeper and more effectively. 

Excavator JCB 130_1050_768
JCB Excavator JS81 Gallery Image1


The JS81 Tracked Excavator is the perfect example of what a digger should do. High on performance and savings, the JS81 offers unmatched productivity and efficiency in its category.
Discover the difference between digging – and what others claim to do.


Nothing comes close to digging like this. Its durable heavy duty structure, high quality aggregates, low maintenance cost and high fuel economy makes the JCB 380LC Xtra high on performance and savings.
Get a digger that delivers unmatchable performance. 

JCB 380LC Xtra Excavator [3:2]_G1
JCB Excavator 380LC QM Gallery Image 2

JCB 380LC Quarry Master

Where other machines struggle, this digs effortlessly. JCB presents all new 380 LC Quarry Master - Power to do more. Designed exclusively for marble and granite excavation industry, it is equipped with heavy duty buckets that ensure a long life even in tough applications. Digging at its powerful best.