The 6 ton (6,340kg) JCB 930 RTFL is powered by our highly efficient 74hp (55kW) EcoMAX engine and has a 6,000lbs (2,722kg) lift capacity.

It has several mast options available so you can tailor your 930 RTFL to the perfect lift height.



Like every other JCB machine, our rough terrain forklifts are put through a stringent testing program.

  • Our rough terrain forklift hydraulic cylinders have friction-welded eye-ends for extra strength, plus all pivots use hardened pins.
  • Masts are made from heavy-duty channel and I-section steel, alongside heavy-duty chains and guide roller bearings that are sealed for life.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing processes like robot machining, precision paint technology and innovative assembly techniques to achieve the highest levels of quality.


The large, spacious cab boasts left and right grab handles with wide-opening doors; standard-fit tinted glass and new 3-speed heater fan.

  • Standard-fit tinted glass reflects 30% of solar energy.
  • Choose from both suspension and air-suspension seating options.
  • When lifting or placing loads, our optional sideshift carriage makes things even easier.
  • Zero tail swing design provides peace of mind when manoeuvring around obstacles. 


Our new, larger high-flow hydraulic pump translates the power into efficient lifting for increased productivity; cycle times are up to 51% faster.

  • JCB's new 74hp (55kW) high-torque EcoMAX engine maximizes both productivity and efficiency. 
  • The EcoMAX engine doesn't need exhaust after-treatment, so costly heat-resistant lube oils or DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) are unnecessary; in turn, you save on servicing costs.
  • Every 4WD JCB RTFL can be changed to 2WD at the flick of a switch, reducing fuel consumption and tire wear whenever 4WD isn't required - during road travel, for example.


All cabs are FOPS certified, ensuring excellent operator protection at all times.

  • A hydraulic velocity fuse (HVF) is fitted to the mast rams which reduce the speed of collapse in the event of a hose failure.
  • 22ft (6.7m) mast is equipped with an automatic deration valve, which reduces lift capacity above 15ft (4.5m) for safety and stability.
  • JCB's LiveLink telematics system provides real-time machine location data with Geofencing alerts, allowing you to track your machine coverage and protect your investment. 
  • Factory-fit JCB immobilizer can be set via key or keypad and automatically arms itself after a set period following engine shutdown.

Most Popular Configuration

  • Canopy with roof glass, wiper–front screen guard or cab with heat and A/C
  • Vinyl air suspension seat
  • Cab-mounted front (2) and rear (2) work lights
  • Rotating beacon
  • 74 hp JCB EcoMax engine - no DPF, DEF or aftertreatment
  • Face-level fan
  • 22-foot clearview mast with 66-inch floating fork carriage
  • 4-inch (R/L) side-shift mast
  • 2x4x48” floating forks (2) with 2-inch fork pin
  • LiveLink telematics