Looking after the planet we help to shape.

JCB machinery plays a huge part in sculpting the modern world. From agriculture to construction, power generation and access, our machines are on site in over 150 countries around the globe. It’s a fact that we’re immensely proud of.

When JCB opened its North American headquarters in Savannah, GA in 2000, the expectation was that JCB carry the sustainability flag across the Atlantic and plant it firmly on the ground in Savannah—and we’ve done just that. Since 2008, JCB has partnered with Nexeo Solutions, LLC, a global leader in the distribution of chemicals, plastics, composites and environmental services to create and carry out a sustainability program working towards 0% landfill waste.  Prior to launching the program, 100% of the waste JCB’s Savannah location generated ended up in local landfills that percentage has decreased over 90% since.