JCB’s range of rental-ready RS generators includes five Tier 4 Final-compliant models from 56 kW to 500 kW, each designed to meet the demands of North American rental market. Every model is easy to operate and maintain, and designed to be towed for rapid deployment.


  • High quality components including the award-winning JCB Dieselmax engine.
  • Simple T4F SCR aftertreatment with no diesel particulate filter (DPF) or DOC, for improved wet stacking performance.
  • The entire JCB RS generator range can be mounted on fast-tow trailers for rapid delivery.
  • Easy-to-access control cubicles, with automatic mains failure and synchronizing controllers.
  • JCB’s LiveLink telematics system enables efficient operation and delivers machine diagnostic information, 24/7.
  • Integrated steps and walk-on fenders with non-slip, diamond plate finish.


Exceptional build quality is fundamental to the JCB T4F-compliant range of RS Generators. JCB has applied cutting-edge techniques to the design and manufacture, to deliver optimal performance hour after hour, day after day.

Simple T4F SCR aftertreatment across the entire range with no DPF or DOC.

High quality components from JCB, Volvo, MeccAlte, Deep Sea Electronics, DEIF and Schneider Electrics.

High-gauge galvanized steel, with an eight-stage powder coat paint process, ensures exceptional life for metal surfaces.

The heavy-duty, lift point is rated to lift a fully fuelled generator and trailer.


The JCB T4F-compliant range of RS Generators is designed with rental operators in mind. Real-world scenarios and extensive customer feedback have helped us create products that are easy to operate and maintain.

Easy to access control cubicles, with automatic mains failure and synchronizing controllers.

Self-latching cable access covers enable easy connections on to the copper busbars.

Low level touchscreen control panels provide easy operation on larger trailer mounted sets.

Every generator is available with local receptacle connections to allow small power to be accessed when required.


Minimizing downtime is key to achieving ultimate productivity, which is why the JCB T4F-compliant range of RS Generators is designed to keep servicing and maintenance to a minimum. When routine maintenance is due, you’ll find it straightforward and speedy.

Large doors with integrated door stops allow unparalleled service access.

500-hour service intervals and quick turnaround time ensure maximum productivity.

No DPF or DOC mean servicing costs are kept low.

Full size radiator access doors allow easy cleaning of radiators.


When the power is out, time is of the essence. That’s why the JCB T4F-compliant range of RS Generators can be mounted on fast-tow trailers for rapid deployment wherever they’re needed.

Axles are positioned for even weight distribution.

Recessed LED tail lights and running lights ensure visibility in all weathers.

A heavy-duty, centrally-mounted jack makes hitching and leveling on rough terrains easy.

Integrated steps and walk on fenders with non-slip diamond plate finish.


On-site safety is of paramount importance, so the JCB T4F-compliant range of RS Generators is packed with features to help protect operators, bystanders and the machines themselves.

Panel mounted voltage test points and bus hot warning lamp.

All electrical control and cable connections can be accessed from the safety of the kerbside.

The control cubicle is designed to have the AC and DC supplies segregated.

The voltage can be changed using a 3-position, 3-phase and single-phase alternator mounted rotary switch, saving the need to carry out intrusive work in the alternator or use an external link box.


Our smallest product doesn’t compromise on quality with the same rugged design throughout the RS range.

Prime Power
56 kW
70 kVA
Fuel Capacity
132 gal
500 L
Fuel Autonomy
36 Hours


The JCB 4-Cylinder Dieselmax engine delivers world-class performance for the most demanding environments and applications, making it an ideal engine to fit our...

Prime Power
100 kW
125 kVA
Fuel Capacity
132 gal
500 L
Fuel Autonomy
24 Hours


High density acoustic foam and thicker gauge steel make the G220RS up to 5dBA quieter than the competition.

Prime Power
175 kW
220 kVA
Fuel Capacity
245 gal
928 L
Fuel Autonomy
25 Hours


A generous 42 gallon DEF tank gives 46 hours of runtime between refills. More than 3 times the competition, saving you time and money.

Fuel Autonomy
24 Hours
Prime Power
320 kW
400 kVA
Fuel Capacity
423 gal
1,600 L


Our range topping model delivers a powerful 500kW of prime power, while still maintaining a sub 25000lbs towing weight.

Prime Power
500 kW
625 kVA
Fuel Capacity
593 gal
2,246 L
Fuel Autonomy
24 Hours