Teletruk Forklift

In 1997, JCB developed a forklift truck with a telescopic boom, instead of the conventional vertical mast, to create the JCB Teletruk. This unique design dramatically improves productivity and safety, and saves operational time and yard space.

The Teletruk forklift provides unrivaled visibility, forward reach and lift capacity on a compact machine. You can quickly change attachments, and the 111-degree carriage rotation allows you to pick and place loads safely.

Depending on your application, the versatile JCB Teletruk can offer many of the benefits of up to four different machines. Not only does it do the work of a conventional masted forklift, but it combines many of the capabilities a skid steer loader, compact telescopic handler, rough terrain forklift and compact wheel loader.

In short, the Teletruk does everything a conventional forklift does, and more.

55-28G TELETRUK LPG Forklift

JCB’s Teletruk fueled by liquid propane gas

Gross Engine Power
58hp 43kW
Max. Capacity
5,500 lb 2,500 kg
Max. Lift Height
13 ft 1in. 4m


The JCB Teletruk 66-44G offers typical savings of up to 30% on operating costs compared to a masted forklift truck. Available in 2WD.

Gross Engine Power
58 hp 43 kW
Max. Lift Height
13 ft 1in 4 m
Max. Capacity
6,600 lb 3,000 kg


JCB’s 77-52D Teletruk telescopic forklift raises more than just loads; it raises the standard in safety, productivity and versatility for all forklift trucks.

Max. Lift Height
14 ft 3 in 4.3 m
Max. Capacity
7,700 lb 3,500 kg
Gross Engine Power
62 hp 46kW
Max. Lift Capacity
6,614 lb (3,000 kg)
Capacity at 6 ft reach
4,189 lb (1900 kg)
Max.Lift Height
13 ft 1 in (4.0 m)