A smoother, smarter, more seamless experience from start to finish

Our range of Fastrac 4000 & 8000 series tractors has been upgraded with the latest in cab technology. Featuring a whole new operator experience, you set up the cab exactly how you want it. Simply drag and drop to set up your configurable buttons, while switching acceleration between pedal, rocker, or joystick seamlessly.

Fastrac iCON in agricultural setting

New technology. New interior. New experience.

Introducing the iCON control system. Built around three key areas, this sophisticated technology keeps things simple. You configure the controls to suit you, the system takes care of integrated connections, and you get to operate the machine in exactly the way you want.

  • iCONFIGURE – Creating a customized operator experience

  • iCONNECT –  Integrated precision technology

  • iCONTROL – Redefining operation through development of drive software.

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  • Assign functions to main and auxiliary joysticks across 50 control profiles
  • Main ergonomic joystick has 9 buttons, 5 of which are configurable
  • Auxiliary joystick, proportional rocker and two-axis proportional hydraulic control
  • Assign spools to any lever, two-axis aux joystick, or proportional rocker switch



  • Plug-and-play implements with a range of fully-integrated ISOBUS options,
  • Level 2 ISOBUS includes features such as Universal Terminal, AUX-N functionality and basic task control (TC-BAS)

  • Plug & Play GPS compatible with Topcon, AGLeader, Trimble and more
  • Hardware controlled DAB radio with bluetooth connection as standard



  • Smart Transmission Control: you choose the speed, we do the rest
  • CVT ratio maintains speed under changing load.
  • Seamlessly switch between pedal, stick and roller
  • Pre-set cruise speeds at the touch of a button, making it simple to meet the job requirements.
  • Two joystick configurations: JCB Classic or JCB Pro for operational flexibility

Want to know more about the JCB Fastrac iCON?


Smart transmission control (STC) is the Fastrac’s new drive software. It operates on a speed-based system, where the driver selects the desired forward speed and the tractor controls the engine speed and transmission ratio, maintaining the required speed under changing loads.

Yes, but not only heated, the Fastrac now has an option for a leather trimmed, heated and ventilated seat. 

The three options for your seat are: cloth, heated cloth, and heated and ventilated with leather trim. All options come with a headrest and are fully suspended. Seats allow 60 degrees of rotation (50˚ right, 10˚ left).

The JCB Fastrac iCON offers level 2 ISOBUS which includes features such as Universal Terminal (UT), the ability to assign ISOBUS functions to the joysticks (AUX-N) and basic task control (TC-BAS). Section and rate control can also be unlocked.

 The Fastrac iCON has a DAB radio with Bluetooth connectivity as standard. This can be controlled through the screen, or via dedicated hardware on the armrest.

iCON is standard with the 4000 and the 8000 series of Fastrac for all regions.
Standard, Field Pro, and Pro Line spec packs are now available. Further details of what these include can be found in the iCON brochure.