One look tells you the Fastrac 8000 series is different from the rest.

Discover the difference the Fastrac can make to your business with a top speed of 43mph, the best powertrain and suspension combination, hydrostatic dual steering system and anti-lock braking capability, this machine is equipped for a life of hard work.

Fastrac iCON ploughing field in agricultural setting


With faster speed, integrated precision technology and superior machine control, the Fastrac 8000 series icon raises the bar even higher and offers a great business solution.

  • A configurable operator environment and ISOBUS compatibility makes changing between implements even easier.
  • Powerful hydraulics meet the demand of complex implements.
  • Properly equipped for its top speed of 43mph the Fastrac iCON can quickly move between jobs.
  • 50:50 weight distribution optimizes tractive performance in the field, without excess ballast.


Wherever you are in the world, whatever application, there's more than meets the eye with the JCB Fastrac.

  • A 22,046lb rear lift capacity and optimized hitch geometry make light work of even the largest implements.
  • The full length chassis and mid mounted cab allow additional ballast or implements to be mounted on the rear deck.
  • A variety of tire sizes and track width options are available to suit a wide range of applications.


Iconic ride comfort is essential for the operator. JCB Fastrac delivers class leading levels of comfort through a combination of advanced suspension and configurable controls.

  • All round advanced hydropneumatic suspension provides unrivaled comfort and stability.
  • Mid-mounted cab position gives additional comfort and excellent 360° visibility.
  • Enjoy even greater comfort with a new heated and ventilated seat plus climate control.
  • An adjustable screen, seat, armrest and configurable controls provides a customized operator environment.


With more safety features than any other tractor, the JCB 8000 series Fastrac provides exceptional control and stability even when travelling at high speeds.

  • All-round disc brakes deliver greater and more consistent stopping power.
  • Dual-line steering, twin-caliper brakes and a full-length rigid chassis provide high levels of safety.
  • Anti-roll bars and advanced suspension system offer improved stability at high speed.
  • Advanced anti-lock breaking system (ABS) retains stability and steering performance.


The fastest production tractor in the world with speeds up to 43mph the powerful delivery of the 8000 series puts you miles ahead of the competition.

  • Unique steering enables a maximum speed of up to 70mph, ideal for every situation.
  • The 6 cylinder engine provides a generous supply of power up to 335hp. 
  • CVT transmission ensures optimum use of power and torque for seamless power delivery.
  • Managed by the Smart Transmission control, power delivery has never been so controlled.

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