JCB Crusher Buckets are capable of crushing a wide range of sizes and types of material, including brick, concrete and rock.

Wide available range of options to improve productivity and eliminate dust from crushing.

  • Carrier Weight 2.5 - 30 T
  • Load Capacity 0.15 - 1.3 m³
  • Weight 0.75 - 4.80 T
Crusher bucket
This range has been designed for maximum durability even in the most extreme conditions and carries the 'Hardox In My Body' quality guarantee.
Twin crushing jaws are securely locked in place with a wedge section rather than bolts. This offers increased reliability and maximum uptime when working with large rocks and minimises any potential damage. The jaws are identical and can be rotated 180 degrees to even out wear. This reduces service intervals and provides maximum return on your investment.
A gear pump is featured, designed for maximum reliability. This design is less susceptible to damage and contamination. Using a gear pump places less demand on the carrier for hydraulic oil flow, requires less revolutions-per-minute from the machine and puts less heat into the hydraulic system. This hydraulic system is highly efficient leading to lower fuel consumption.
The hanger brackets are positioned towards the rear which moves the centre of gravity into an optimised position when loading material into bucket. This creates a balanced load and aids smooth operation with low vibration.

The twin flywheels on each side efficiently store energy and results in sustained crushing action.