Introducing New JCB 455-4 Wheeled laoder

When your objective is to power your success, then partnering with the extremely reliable JCB 455-4 Wheeled Loader makes perfect business sense. Built to cope up with the most demanding work conditions and still achieve the biggest goals, this new wheeled loader is a remarkable machine that ensures long term performance.

The JCB 455-4 can bring down your fuel cost by a remarkable 11% and increase your productivity by 5%.

Apart from enhancing productivity and fuel-efficiency like no other machine, the new JCB 455-4 Wheeled Loader empowers you with intelligent technologies like Advanced LiveLink, Intelliload and Centralised Lubrication System. These smart features ensure that you stay updated and enjoy complete control over your machine.

JCB also has a huge team of 4 000+ CEV Stage IV experts. These JCB service engineers are trained and certified for CEV Stage IV machines and can resolve any customer concern in the shortest time.


Standard Shovel Capacity
3.3 cum
Maximum Operating Weight
18 000kg
Maximum Engine Power
168kW (225hp)

Excellent Fuel Efficiency

Built for the greatest degree of fuel-efficiency.

Highly Reliable

With proven aggregates transmission, engine & axle, the new JCB 455-4 Wheeled Loader boasts of an even higher uptime.

Intelligent Technology

Now you can stay updated and be in control of your machine, with the new JCB 455-4 Wheeled Loader’s Advanced LiveLink feature with Intelliload and Cenralised Lubrication.

Unmatched Operator Comfort

The new JCB 433-4 Wheeled Loader is easy to operate and much safer, with High Comfort FOPS / ROPS.