437-4 Wheel Loader

Designed to deliver under the toughest conditions, the new JCB 437-4 Wheeled Loader is loaded for success

One of the most efficient wheeled loaders ever made, the new JCB 437-4 Wheeled Loader performs the ‘extraordinary’ on an ‘everyday’ basis. This incredible wheeled loader boasts of the highest levels of productivity.

  • Standard Shovel Capacity 2.2 cum
  • Max. Operating Weight 12,040kg
  • Max. Engine power 108kW (145hp)


This incredible machine can bring down your fuel cost by 10% and increase productivity by 2%.

  • Exceeding your expectations when it comes to savings, the new 437-4 Wheeled Loader offers greater fuel-efficiency, 24x7 LiveLink connectivity and higher uptime.


With proven aggregates transmission, engine & axle, the new JCB 437-4 Wheeled Loader boasts of an even higher uptime.

  • JCB also has a huge team of 4 000+ CEV Stage IV experts. These JCB service engineers are trained and certified for CEV Stage IV machines and can resolve any customer concern in the shortest time.
  • The new JCB 433-4 Wheeled Loader is easy to operate and much safer, with 15% Bigger Cabin and Improved Visibility with FOPS / ROPS.


Now you can stay updated and be in control of your machine, with the new JCB 437-4 Wheeled Loader’s Advanced LiveLink feature with Fuel Report News Display, Intelliload and CLS.