JCB Telehandler 540-70

The all-new, powerful JCB 540-70 Telehandler is loaded with features that make it tough to beat, more reliable and safer. 
This new Telehandler has an enhanced loading capacity of 4,000 kg and a maximum lift height of 7.02 metres. With an independent braking system, the JCB Telehandler has a low turning radius, making it easier to manoeuvre through tight spaces. It also offers a 360o Hi-Viz AC cabin, providing maximum comfort and safety to the operator. 
Thanks to its Q-fit mechanism, it is quicker and easier to change multiple attachments with more stability. The new JCB 530-70 Telehandler also boasts the new CEV Stage IV JCB ecoMAX engine, which is truly the ultimate engine, delivering maximum power output without compromising fuel efficiency. The all-new JCB 4,000 kg Telehandler         540-70 will take your heavy-duty Construction, Crushers, Ready Mix Concrete, and other businesses to a new level. 


Maximum Lift Capacity
Maximum Engine Power
Maximum Lift Height

Ease of Use & Comfort

• JCB cab offers a uniform airflow, hot or cold to the operator through different vents creating a comfortable operator environment.

• Backlit switches are crystal clear, even in the dark.

• Air-conditioned and well-ventilated spacious cabin with split door, open roof, and rear window.

• Integral LMI (Load Moment Indicator) displays the load through the range and warns the operator by visual and audio warnings in case the load exceeds the limit, with a large, easy-to-view inclinometer showing the machine’s angle.

• Smooth and ergonomically fitted control levers provide light, responsive control for precise load placement at reach or height.

• Forward and reverse control are placed on the steering column for ease of access.

• Comfort operator seat, tinted & laminated glass, and sunblind enhance cabin comfort.

• Angle roof bars for optimal visibility at height.

Greater Versatility

• Get the advantage of 4 machines in 1, i.e., Lift, Load, Grab, and Access.

• JCB's Q-Fit system makes attachment changeover quick and easy.

• Multiple control patterns are available for different applications.

• Choose from a wide array of global attachments for different needs.

• For added versatility, all JCB Telehandlers feature a single boom auxiliary, as standard, that can power a wide range of attachments. 

Superior Safety

    • Cabin structures with ROPS and FOPS for operator safety.

    • Stabilizer cut-off to ensure safe operation.

    • Hose burst check valves on the rams to prevent collapse in case of a hose failure or hydraulic leakage.

    • Hydraulic cut-off feature for operator safety ensures machine operations remain within safe load capacity.

    • For quick, easy, and safe access, JCB TELEHANDLERS have three-point access and two cab steps.

    • A JCB TELEHANDLER features a global standard side engine design that provides excellent all-around visibility and manoeuvrability.

    • A JCB TELEHANDLER comes equipped with a set of side and rear-view mirrors for all-around visibility and safety compliance.

    • A reverse alarm is standard on all Telehandlers for added security.

    • An optional rear-view camera is also available for better on-site safety.

Unrivalled Strength & Durability

• Legendary ‘U’ shaped boom and single closing plate welds to reduce joints and stress points.

• Boom overlapping increases boom structural rigidity.

• Finite element analysis and strain gauging-ensures maximum strength in high-stress areas.

• Single side plates ensure high strength and rigidity at the core of the machine.

• Hydraulic extension rams with no chains, better suited for heavy-duty bucket applications.

• The fully welded one-piece chassis maximizes strength while minimizing weight.

• The lift, tilt, and extension rams are held in place by keyhole castings for even greater structural integrity.

• Proven components: To demonstrate the quality of our ecoMAX engines, we tested them in 70 different machines in the most demanding applications and environments.

• The CEV Stage IV engine is designed and tested rigorously in a controlled environment to adapt to Indian conditions for more than 1,00,000 cumulative hours.