530-70 Telehandler

Adapting to every possibility, the new CEV Stage IV JCB 530-70 is a versatile and compact Telehandler engineered to move any material quickly and safely.

It enables bottom line differentiation across industries and applications, including RMC, Crusher, Cotton, Ceramic, and more. This new Telehandler heaps, stacks, loads, unloads, lifts, picks, and places material with a maximum reach of 7 metres and is fuel efficient to reduce recurring costs.

530-70 Telehandler


JCB cab offers a air-conditioned and spacious cabin with split door, open roof and rear window, comfortable operator seat, smooth and ergonomically fitted control levers creating a comfortable operator environment.

  • Backlit switches are crystal clear, even in the dark.
  • Integral LMI (Load Moment Indicator) displays the load through the range, and warns the operator by visual and audio warnings in case the load exceeds the limit, with a large, easy to view inclinometer showing the machine’s angle.
  • Smooth and ergonomically fitted control levers provide light, responsive control for precise load placement at reach or height.
  • Forward and reverse control are placed on the steering column for ease of access.
  • Comfort operator seat, tinted & laminated glass, sunblind enhance cabin comfort.
  • Angle roof bars for optimal visibility at height.


The CEV Stage IV engine is designed and tested rigorously in a controlled environment to adapt to Indian conditions for more than 1,00,000 cumulative hours.

  • Legendary ‘U’ shaped boom and single closing plate welds to reduce joints and stress points.
  • Boom overlapping, leads to structural rigidity of the boom.
  • Finite element analysis & strain gauging - ensures maximum strength in high stress areas.
  • Single side plates ensure high strength and rigidity at the core of the machine.
  • Hydraulic extension rams with no chains, better suited for heavy-duty bucket applications.
  • The one-piece fully welded chassis maximizes strength and minimizes weight.
  • The lift, tilt and extension rams are held in place by keyhole castings for even greater structural integrity.


For added versatility, all JCB Telehandlers are fitted as standard with a single boom auxiliary feature that can power a wide range of attachments.

  • Get the advantage of 4 machines in 1 i.e. Lift, Load, Grab, Access.
  • JCB Q-Fit system makes attachment changeover quick and easy.
  • Multiple control patterns are available for different applications.
  • Choose from a wide array of global attachments for different needs.


For quick, easy and safe access, JCB Telehandlers have a three-point access and two cab steps.

  • ROPS & FOPS cabin structure for operator safety.
  • Stabilizer cut-off for safe working operation.
  • Hose burst check valves on the rams prevent collapse, in case of hose fail or hydraulic leakage.
  • Optional hydraulic cut-off feature for operator safety to ensure machine operations within safe load capacity.
  • A JCB TELEHANDLER has a global standard side engine design with excellent all-round visibility and manoeuvrability.
  • A JCB TELEHANDLER comes equipped with a full set of side and rearview mirrors for all-round visibility and safety compliance.
  • For extra safety, a reverse alarm is a standard-fit on all TELEHANDLERS.
  • Optional rearview camera also available for better on-site safety.