55Z Mini Exacvator

JCB 55Z is a high-powered and efficient mini excavator that is here to help build the nation’s future.

The compact size of the 55Z makes it a versatile machine that can cater to the different needs of Modern India. It can be operated for various applications such as construction site clearing, riverbed re-building, foundation digging, canal cleaning, land development, foundation refilling, and more. It is fuel-efficient and designed to keep costs low, while also being one of the strongest 5-tonne excavators in the market. With excellent working ranges, higher tear-out forces, and tractive effort, this powerful mini excavator is a force to be reckoned with.



With engine power & torque of kW( hp ) 35.7 ( 48) & 143Nm, a higher pump flow of 126 LPM and working range depth of 3.8m , reach of 6.1m and dump height of 4.2m, the JCB 55Z enables higher productivity & output

  • Moreover, the JCB 55Z’s zero tail swing and boom swing with off-set make it a great product to reach in narrow sites and work close to walled spaces.


Equipped with a strong and robust boom & arm, heavy duty undercarriage with steel tracks, heavy duty kingpost with mono cast body and heavy-duty bucket with bottom plate reinforcement the mini excavator is a reliable product that can work for long hours.

  • Fully adjustable suspension seat, dial type throttle control and smooth joystick of the excavator provide great operator comfort. AC cabin option further enhances comfort for the operator.


The JCB 55Z comes with more indigenized spares, radial seal type air filter, color coded hydraulic hoses and a comprehensive set of warning & diagnostic information system.

  • All these along with a well thought out design featuring wide opening steel bonnet and open frame under carriage with sloping tracks ensure lower costs and ease of maintenance.