JS81 Excavator

Catering to the needs of urban infrastructure, JCB introduces an incredibly and efficient 8 Tonne Excavator - JCB 81.

This hydraulic 8 tonne Excavator is a reliable companion for irrigation, rural projects, brick works, ponds and fisheries etc. High on performance and high on savings, the 8 tonne Urban Excavator by JCB lets you save up to Rs 1 lac/Year* by offering an outstanding fuel economy due to 15% reduction in fuel consumption with 15% improved output tonne per hour in P mode. The compact Excavator delivers excellent bucket & dipper tear-out forces resulting in higher output & faster completion of work.

JCB JS81 Excavator [3:2]_T


Excellent bucket and dipper tear- out forces results in higher output & faster completion of work.

  • The advanced hydraulic system ensures excellent multi-functional performance.
  • Higher swing speed of 12.5RPM in P mode.
  • Equipped with twin travel speeds for varying job needs


All new cab with pressed steel construction offers increased internal space and enhanced overall visibility.

  • Roof hatch provided to keep the cab well ventilated, which is aided by a rear sliding window.
  • High visibility for working at different heights through glass provided in front of the cab. Rubber-coated track pedal and foot rests for operator comfort. Front lower glass can be removed for ventilation.
  • Ergonomically placed operator controls to minimise operator fatigue.
  • 25% bigger cabin space.


Compact and easy-to-handle bonnet is assisted by gas strut that helps in easy opening and closing. It makes periodic maintenance easy and effortless.

  • Easy to access periodic check points.
  • Side by side radiator & cooler for ease of maintenance.
  • Wire mesh provided to avoid clogging of radiator & oil cooler.
  • Fuses & relays are located inside the cabin and are easy to access.
  • Remote-mounted engine oil filter to allow easy access.


Offers 15% reduction in fuel consumption.

  • Saves upto Rs. 1 lac in a year.
  • Auto idler, for fuel saving, when machine is not at work.
  • Choice of Productivity & Economy, P & E mode.


Special filtration system extends hydraulic oil life up to 5 000 h, which reduces the overall maintenance costs.

  • Engine oil and engine filter replacement has an interval of 400 h. Hydraulic return filter replacement at 1 000 h.
  • Radial seal-type air filter elements provide secure and error-free sealing. Filter elements are covered with wire mesh to avoid damage to filter paper during storage, handling and cleaning.

Advanced LiveLink Telematics System

JCB is first in the industry to provide Advanced Telematics in an 8 tonne Excavator so that you stay in command with the following alerts & updates.

  • Audio-visual alerts - Provided in instrument panel for Air-filter blockage & Low coolant level.
  • Service reminder - Reminds you when the service of your machine is due, letting you plan your work better.
  • Machine Data Back-up - Helps to maintain the records of past services in an organised manner.
  • Machine Utilisation Report - Maintains machine usage record and helps you analyse & optimise utilisation of machine.
  • Location Update - GPS Tracking - Tells you the exact position of your machine on a map with the help of GPS Tracking.