With enhanced endurance, both inside and outside, and higher strength attributed to a newly inducted heavy-duty boom, ensuring extreme sturdiness, extra safety features and added comfort for the operators, the JCB NXT 145 Quarry Master Tracked Excavator is designed to move mountains in extreme conditions.

Built specifically for the Quarry application in JCB’s 14 ton excavator category, it is powered by IntelliControl, which is a new and intelligent way to offer excellent fuel efficiency and productivity, as required by the user. What’s more, it also offers you utmost ease of use and control on the machine operation, maintenance and safety.

So, from now on, stay connected to your machine through the most advanced telematics technology – JCB Livelink. And get total control over your machine and operations like never-before.

Incredibly tough outside. Sheer intelligence inside. That’s why the JCB NXT 145 Quarry Master Tracked Excavator is the perfect way to handle the most formidable excavating challenges!


Maximum Bucket Capacity
0.63 - 0.72 cu.m
Maximum Operating Weight
14,500 kg
Maximum Engine Power
100 hp (75 kW)


  • Heavy-duty front & top guard with light guards on Cabin for enhanced safety.
  • Thin and low effort Joystick for long productive operations.
  • Laminated glass on the front and right-hand side of the cabin.
  • Advanced self-diagnosis system with error codes and multi-coloured warning alerts for easy and quick maintenance.
  • Display of all critical parameters accessed through the internal menu for an easy health monitoring with and easy rotary switch control.
  • First-in-class safety features like breaker overuse alert, hydraulic accumulator, swing lock, hydraulic interlock, engine & hydraulic overheat safety system and 2GO hydraulic isolation system.


  • Extended maintenance interval of 500 hrs of Engine Oil, Oil Filter and Fuel Filter.
  • Long oil drain interval of 5000 hrs for Hydraulic Oil change, 1000 hours for Hydraulic filter change, and Boom pivot pin greasing at 50 hours interval.
  • JCB engineers are equipped with an industry-first JCB Smart Serve technology which enables JCB to send the closest engineer to the machine, ensuring maximum uptime.
  • With 750+ service outlets, the largest network of 5000+ Service Experts & trained engineers and easy availability of genuine parts and one shop solution, the serviceability is easy, quick, and efficient.
  • 65+ dealerships outlets are always ready with more than 250+ service vans to serve customers.
  • 5 strategically located warehouses to serve you with genuine wherever you are.
  • 11 operator training centres with 24x7 support in 12 different languages.


The JCB NXT 145 Quarry Master Tracked Excavator is powered by IntelliControl. It’s a new intelligent way to achieve excellent fuel efficiency and productivity, as required by the user, with the utmost ease of use and control on the machine operation, maintenance and safety.


  • Best-in-class digital screen with anti-glare informative colour display.
  • Enhanced user experience to provide control over the operation, daily & periodic maintenance and safety checks of machine.
  • Accurate operational information like quantity of fuel left in the tank, engine speed and operating modes, trip meter, auto-idle status & time setting and much more.
  • Critical maintenance information like colour coded health alerts, easy diagnostic system, service warning alerts and much more.
  • Integrated with advanced Telematics Technology – JCB LiveLink. Stay connected with your machine 24x7 and get health and maintenance alerts, mode wise machine usage and more with the JCB LiveLink mobile application.


  • Excellent digging and tear out forces of the bucket (9432 kgf) and dipper (7566 kgf) for higher output and faster completion of work
  • Boom and Arm regenerative system leads to high operating speed and helps to reduce the load on the engine, thereby lowering the fuel consumption.
  • The stunning swing speed of 13.6 rpm for quick and fast cycle time.
  • 10 Working modes for varied operations and Power Plus mode for 6%* higher output.
  • One-Touch Idler for instantaneous engine speed reduction, whenever required.
  • Auto Idler System reduces engine rpm automatically when the machine is not in use.
  • ecoHYDRAULLICS for optimized engine speed & Hydraulic pump control to minimize the hydraulic losses and enhancing the fuel efficiency of the machine.


  • Heavy-duty boom with reinforcement and cast pivot end at boom foot joint.
  • Improved cross-section area for high strength.
  • Bigger and Heavy-duty bucket size (0.63 cu. m & 0.72 cu. m.) for high output.
  • Heavy-duty track chain with thicker shoes (44 x 500mm), large section links & rollers.
  • Heavy-duty upper frame with reinforced side member and Belly guard ensures protection of the rotary joint and hoses from any external damage.
  • 2 track guides on each side-retain the track in its position while working in tough underfoot conditions.
  • Heavy-duty track frame with idler area reinforcements.
  • Dust and waterproof IP67 / IP69 connectors have been used in electrical connectors for longer life.