JCB 385LC Excavator


JCB's 385LC excavator, powered by DieselMax 7.2 Litre CRDI engine, is specifically customized for your applications and business needs. The hydraulics are designed to maintain productivity and it is easy to operate, maintain and save money with. This excavator moves more material for less cost, making your tough working conditions a whole lot easier.

JCB 385 LC 27.03.23


  • The powerful JCB Diesel Max 7.2 Litre CRDI Engine delivers 284 hp and high peak torque of 1150 Nm ensuring excellent engine response & high output gives power to do more.
  • A massive 262.7 kNm of bucket tearout force makes the machine very productive in all strata.
  • Wide range of buckets is available from 1.4 to 2.3 cu.m which can be used as per the different applications & strata to maximise output.
  • High & powerful swing torque of 129 kNm provides ease of swing even with high loads.
  • Power boost feature increases hydraulic system pressure by 9%* to provide higher digging force and lifting capacity when needed.
  • User friendly 3 lift modes and 4 digging modes are provided for adaptability of machine to suit application and job needs.



  • JCB DIESELMAX engine provides high fuel efficiency and generates high torque at low speed to suit the job needs. Common rail fuel injection system delivers high power with low fuel consumption while maximizing output.
  • The advanced eco hydraulic technology ensures that the machine always starts when idle for maximum fuel efficiency contributing to fuel cost savings.
  • Innovative Hydraulic Regeneration System recycles oil across cylinders for faster cycle time and reduced fuel consumption.
  • Auto idler reduces engine speed automatically when machine is idle, thus, saving fuel.

Ease of maintenance

  • Equipped with Smart Control System to monitor the critical parameters during operation. Advanced Telematics technology, JCB LiveLink 4.0 with operator friendly audio- visual alerts that provides ease of preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Enhanced uptime with Fuel Alerts and Coolant level alerts for proactive planning and service reminder.
  • Critical operational parameters alerts like water in fuel alert, high engine coolant temperature, high or low battery and low engine oil pressure, enables timely preventive and corrective actions.
  • Excellent serviceability with Cooling Pack Flymesh, which prevents clogging of the radiator and cooling of fins.


State-of-the-art ergonomic cab offers comfort to the operator, giving him the power to do more productive operations, increasing profits.

  • Highly customizable and user friendly color display with engine dial control helps in easily monitoring of machine operating parameters.
  • Low effort joystick ensures a fatigue free operator even during long working hours. It also renders precise and smooth control of the machine to carry out tough jobs.
  • Well ventilated CAB with roof hatch & removable front glass ensures high operator comfort.
  • High visibility for digging at height through additional glass provided in front of the cab.
  • The fully air conditioned cab is with cooling and heating function. Temperature control function is an added feature to maintain desired in-cab temperature in both, hot and cold weather conditions. Air vents are placed at convenient locations for excellent cooling.
  • The cab is mounted on 6 viscous mounts to absorb vibrations thus, reducing fatigue of the operator.
  • The deluxe operator seat provides high level of seating comfort, it not only adjusts as per weight, seating angle and back rest angle but also facilitates forward and backward movements.


  • Swing lock system prevents unintended swing operation, providing greater safety.
  • Belly guards are fitted at the lower frame of the machine to protect against damage to rotary coupling and hoses.
  • Accumulator helps to bring down the boom, arm or bucket back to the ground without starting the engine as well as making parking of the front-end safer by helping to relieve hydraulic pressure.
  • Safety lever lock fully isolates hydraulic functions to avoid unintended movements. Our 2GO system means the servo isolator lock can be released only with two separate inputs.
  • Safe start of the engine is ensured with the Engine Start Safety System. It prevents sudden machine operations by isolating hydraulic system at the start of engine. To ensure safe start of the machine, the engine can be started only when the servo isolator lock is ON.
  • An emergency stop switch is provided to switch off the engine immediately, if required.


With many protective features JCB 385LC ensures the utmost safety of the operator even in arduous situations, giving you more peace of mind.

  • LiveLink provides easy & remote monitoring of the machine on & off-site, thus, ensuring higher output and lower maintenance costs. It helps machine owners to know service, operation & security aspects of the machine including location tracking, health alerts, fuel levels, performance report, fleet management etc.
  • Cab front guard ensures machine and operator safety by protecting front wind screen glass from stones.
  • The guards on the working lights protect them from external damage thereby, reducing possible repair cost and ensuring high uptime.
  • The heavy duty plate of track motor guard protects travel motors as it can withstand the damage from rocks.
  • Anti-slip top covers ensure safety with punched steel plates that give optimum grip even in wet conditions. Bolt-on plates have recessed bolts to reduce trip hazards.
  • Anti-engine restart system saves starter from damage, preventing it from starting automatically while the engine is ON, thus, ensuring high uptime and saving possible repair costs.

Reliability and Durability

Manufactured at the world-class JCB Pune factory with robust structures and well-engineered components, this excavator is your reliable partner and gives power to do more than you expect.

  • The JCB 385LC boasts a heavy-duty design that can withstand the demands of tough applications.
  • It features a high tensile strength steel boom and arm, manufactured using robotic welding techniques, with strengthened plates and heavy-duty wear strips for added durability.
  • The rugged upper frame has reinforced side skirts and thicker, low-stress steel plates for increased durability.
  • The track chain assembly has a well-proven high-strength design with extended life track shoes, and a heavy-duty track frame with reinforced idler mounting area ensures rigidity even in demanding applications.
  • Additionally, the machine has 3 track guides on each side to minimize sideways movement of the track chain, and heavy-duty track motor covers with bolt head protection to reduce repair costs and increase uptime.
  • The track motors are protected from external damage and easy maintenance with heavy-duty track motor covers featuring bolt head protection, reducing repair costs and increasing uptime.