JCB 345LC HD is a Heavy Duty Excavator which is armed to deliver excellent performance, reliability and durability in Marble and Granite Block Handling applications.

There are five key reasons to own this Excavator armed with reliable features for heavy-duty applications that will help you perform at your best.



For tasks that are tough, and the conditions that are even tougher, the 345LC HD is designed for maximum uptime.

  • JCB’s DIESELMAX engine makes it easy to enhance the life of the fuel injection system components.
  • Simple and Easy Engine with Inline Fuel Injection System.
  • The boom and arm deliver high strength with long life while boasting a cast pivot to ensure reliability and robust structure.
  • Enhance uptime and eliminate unnecessary downtime with the override switch.


Safety and comfort are the main focus of the new 345LC HD, with a design that offers excellent visibility all around, non-slip surfaces and easy access to service.

  • JCB has added a Safety Level Lock to the 345LC HD and can only be started in a safe locked position via two separate inputs.
  • JCB Livelink 4.0 - The advanced telematics helps to improve security and maximize fleet utilization. It provides a complete view of your operations.
  • The work light is designed to ensure optimum visibility even in low-light conditions.


The new JCB 345LC HD is designed to deliver ample strength and versatility for demanding jobs, but is specifically designed to be highly comfortable to ensure productivity.

  • To minimise noise and vibration, the cab sits on six viscous rubber mounts. These help to absorb impact noise, vibration and reduce operator fatigue.
  • The JCB 345LC HD’s front view allows an open view of the right track, providing easy, safe trench digging and comfortable manoeuvrability.
  • The interactive digital display enables you to change settings in an intuitive manner & helps operator to take smart decisions on site.


The new JCB 345LC HD is designed to move material in bulk, quickly. To achieve this, the engine and hydraulic systems work in perfect harmony for ultimate efficiency.

  • The revolutionary six cylinder 7.2 litre JCB DIESELMAX engine produces its peak power of 165kW (221hp) and max torque (960 Nm).
  • The JCB DIESELMAX engine is built for supercharged productivity and the fuel savings you need to get ahead.
  • The Hydraulic Regeneration System recycles oil across the cylinders, reducing costs, and increasing cycle times.


This JCB 345LC HD has been designed with affordability, efficiency and productivity at its heart, making it an easy-to-maintain and service machine that will give you the value for money.

  • Long Maintenance Intervals for Engine & Hydraulics.
  • The new cooling pack with a fly-mesh guard prevents blockages in the coolers.
  • This highly-efficient oil and fuel filter combination is strategically placed centrally on the machine for fast and easy servicing.
  • This 590L capacity fuel tank gives you plenty of operating time between refills, making this a good choice for medium to long-haul applications.
  • JCB Support team of 5000+ Service Experts, 3000+ mobile Engineers, 250+ Service Vans and Workshop-On-Wheels. Moreover, our 24x7 Call Centre with 12 Language Support, which works in collaboration with our 5 strategically located warehouses across India, has an army of highly skilled CRM professionals who are trained to resolve any customer concern in the shortest time.