The new 13 tonne Excavator - the JCB 130 is productive in every way. Powered by JCB ecoMAX engine, it delivers high fuel-efficiency while optimising performance according to the task at hand.

JCB’s advanced hydraulic system enables excellent tear-out force with faster cycle times for effective completion of work.  

Built to work reliably in all conditions, it is packed with features such as reinforced boom, strengthened arm and IP67/IP69 dust and waterproof electrical connectors. With a special filtration system, air pre-cleaner assembly filter and easy-to-open bonnet, the JCB 130 needs low maintenance and is easy to maintain.

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JCB ecoMAX engine provides fuel-efficiency and generates high torque at low speeds to suit various job needs.

  • Choice of Productivity (P) and Economy (E) modes to optimise productivity and performance.
  • Equipped with Auto Idler for saving fuel during engine idling at high speeds.
  • Equipped with twin travel speeds for varying job needs.
  • Excellent bucket and dipper tear-out force result in high output and faster completion of work, especially in hard strata.
  • JCB’s innovative hydraulic regeneration system recycles hydraulic oil across the cylinders for faster cycle times and reduced fuel consumption.
  • The advanced hydraulic system also ensures excellent multi-function performance.
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It comes with a 25% bigger cabin area, new ergonomic controls to enhance operator comfort and minimise fatigue.

  • Comfortable cab with pressed steel construction offers increased internal space and overall visibility.
  • Cabin guard at front for protection against damage
  • The cab is mounted on six viscous mounts to absorb vibrations.
  • Roof hatch provided to keep the cab well ventilated, which is aided by a rear sliding window.
  • Glass in the cab front for high visibility helps to work at various heights.


The rugged construction of the upper frame provides durability in tough working conditions.

  • Heavy-duty X-frame with belly guard at the bottom comes as a standard fitment.
  • Reinforced boom: Deep section design for high strength. Reinforced base area and cylinder mounting area for higher strength.
  • Strengthened arm: Strengthened boom joint and bucket joint area. Additional plate provided at the bottom for damage protection.


Special filtration system extends hydraulic life up to 5 000 h with the hydraulic main return filter change intervals of 1 000 h, which reduces maintenance costs.

  • Air pre-cleaner assembly filters dust particles and help in increasing the life of air filter elements and life of the engine.
  • The JCB engine provides higher maintenance interval of 500 h for engine oil, filter and fuel filter thereby reducing the maintenance costs.
  • High capacity fuel pre-filter with water separator - to increase the life of the fuel system components.
  • Compact and easy to handle bonnet is assisted by a gas strut that helps in easy opening and closing. It makes periodic maintenance easy and effortless.
  • Easy to access periodic checkpoints.
  • Side by side radiator & cooler for ease of maintenance.
  • Wire mesh provided to avoid clogging of radiator & oil cooler.
  • The cooler unit air-conditioner is hinged for easy access to the radiator & cooler unit for cleaning.


Advanced Telematics Technology – LiveLink helps you manage your machine remotely with Service, Operation and Security features.

  • Get service reminders and critical machine health alerts with LiveLink mobile application.
  • See detailed machine utilisation reports, engine status and idle time monitoring on LiveLink application.
  • Secure your machine with advanced features such as geofencing, tow-away alerts and more.