3DX Xtra ecoXcellence

The new 3DX Xtra ecoXcellence backhoe loader comes with 20% lower fuel consumption & is the most efficient backhoe loader on the earth with incredible productivity & enhanced performance in any application.

All the materials of the 3DX Xtra ecoXcellence backhoe loaders are critically tested to the very maximum. By exposing these materials to extreme temperatures, chemicals, salt, oil and light, they have been tested and proven to survive the most hostile conditions. Adding to this, the JCB backhoe loader’s service, operation and security is secured with the advanced telematics system called LiveLink, helping in keeping a track of the machine’s location and movement at any point


  • Most Fuel Efficient
  • Longlife JCB ecoMAX Engine
  • Servo Controls
  • Highest Return on Investment
  • Spacious and Comfortable Cabin


Maximum Dig Depth
5.05 m
Maximum Loader Capacity
1800 kg
Shovel Capacity
1.1 cum

Proven ecoMAX Engine

Fuel efficient JCB engine ecoMAX, natural aspirated, engine shut & operator presence switch feature for better performance in hot and dusty working conditions.

Xcellence in Productivity & Performance

3DX Xtra ecoXcellence is equipped with proven ecoMAX engine which is highly fuel efficient and provides 30% more savings in maintenance cost.

Xcellence in Reliability & Durability

The latest ecoXcellence range of backhoe loaders are designed for hardwork with economy.

The new 10 bolt axle design enhanced the axle wheel disk reliability multi-fold.

Improved pin & bushes made from finest materials and processes for unmatched reliability.

Innovation & Technology

JCB Livelink, an advanced telematics technology to manage your machines from anywhere.

Livelink notifies user about machine service requirement which helps in increasing efficiency of machine & keeps perfect in all working conditions.

Xcellence in Operator Comfort

A comfortable operator is a productive operator. JCB provides 20% more space, low heat and noise inside the cabin with ergonomically positioned controls and large leg space for ease of operation.it also has a music system with FM radio and speakers.