JCB’s S4046E Electric Scissor Lift is a versatile and completely mobile machine designed using JCB’s 7-decade-long legacy of unmatched expertise in engineering and manufacturing. With a fully enclosed platform for operators to work with safety at great heights. JCB S4046E helps you become more efficient and productive.

  • 11.9m maximum platform height.
  • 320kg platform capacity.
  • Roller-supported deck extension for effortless extension even at heights.
  • Unique gate handle for easy and safe access.
  • Power to the platform as standard.
  • Easily collapsible guard rails.



The full pivot boss design on the scissor pack has been engineered with JCB machines for optimal stability and durability.

  • Once more, by drawing on our experience with other machines, we have equipped this model with motor protection plates. These safeguard the expensive components from damage due to collisions.
  • The scissor sliding mechanism is encased in a large, durable nylon block for added stability. 
  • The automotive-style foot pedal to release the extension deck provides an easy and ergonomic way to operate the machine.
  • JCB's battery and hydraulic door wear pads are crucial in maintaining the door's weight support and preventing it from dropping with time.


The platform outlet on the basket makes it easy to connect power tools, making your work easier and more efficient.

  • The door handle is designed to be easy to use, even with gloves on, to help you stay safe.
  • The roller design for the extension deck requires little effort to extend or retract and the foot pedal permits easy use of deck extension whilst at height.
  • The winch point on the front of the chassis makes loading and unloading easier.
  • The design of the controller cradle means that it can be operated without being on the machine itself, making it much easier to move around in tight spaces.
  • The large handle on the battery isolator means it can be operated whilst wearing gloves.
  • The scissor slide block completely covers the scissor pin, permitting smoother function and extended durability.


The emergency descent handle can be found at the back of the machine along with the emergency brake release handle for access even in tight spaces, in case of an emergency.

  • The safety systems on our machines are compliant with the latest industry standards.
  • The pothole protection system is a key element of the safety system, activating only when the machine is fully deployed. Our design is strong and protected to ensure continuous operation.
  • As the basket lowers, the operator is reminded to check their surroundings for a safety stop and a 3-second delay before fully closing the scissor pack.
  • A high-grip step design provides a secure grip for safe entry and exit.


A waterproof cover on the power to platform outlet prevents moisture damage, ensuring it is ready to use.

  • The innovative design of the cradle permits it to be used on all sides of the basket, making it easy to operate whether you are in the basket or on the ground.
  • The spring clips fitted to the platform rails make it easy to fold them down when manoeuvring in confined spaces.
  • The controls can be easily adjusted depending on your needs, making them easy and comfortable to use.
  • The charge level indicator is easy to view and lets you know how much power is left in the battery.