Our overall impact from our manufacturing facilities is small in comparison to the impacts of our materials use and product in-use impacts.

However, every opportunity to make our business more sustainable is important to us and we’ve already taken a number of steps to reduce the carbon emissions from our facilities through investment in energy efficient pumps and lighting.

JCB Sustainability Solar Panels


Our strategy has incorporated waste recycling for many years and our global standard of waste minimisation, separation, recycling and reporting means that we can track levels of resource use and wastage across our business globally.

Our manufacturing teams contribute to the reduction of waste in critical areas such as steel use by driving up levels of steel sheet utilisation. Likewise, efficient coating processes utilised by trained operatives can reduce levels of paint waste and air pollution.


Decarbonising our heat requirements for both facilities and curing processes will be a major challenge up to the end of the 2020s and beyond.

We have completed a life cycle analysis of the different coating technologies which give us our trademark JCB Yellow finish and which also lead to some of our biggest environmental impacts in manufacturing. This work will help us make investment decisions which are aligned with our decarbonisation plans.